Which Dragon Version Do I Need?

Profile picture of the author Adam Scott by Adam Scott Posted: 02/27/2010
Hello all! I'm not a fast typist and have decided to purchase dragon naturally speaking. Which version do i need for extensive article writing? Basic? Pro? Your opinions are appreciated.
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  • Profile picture of the author Derek Allen
    Derek Allen
    I use DNS 9 preferred edition. DNS 10 had some issues so I went with 9. I love it. It works great. After you get it trained a little you are off to the races.

    So that is what I recommend.

    Also, if you haven't bought it yet, go check out amazon.com. The prices there are way cheaper than the actual site.
  • Profile picture of the author Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis
    I have the basic version and it works excellent. I got mine off of Amazon for like 40 bucks awhile back.

    If you have an Iphone or Ipod touch there is an application called Dragon Dictation and it will type everything on your iphone that you speak and then you can email it to yourself for later. (Free App)
  • Profile picture of the author Darren Hodgson
    Darren Hodgson
    I have dragon 10 standard edition and I've had no problems. Once it was trained I was off

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