What is everyone's opinion on KEI?

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I use Wordtracker along with a few other keyword researching tools to help find targeted keywords for my IM marketing campaigns... I was just wondering what everyone's opinion was on KEI - Through my experience KEI has been over rated.

Just wondering if anyone has seen positive results from a keyword with a high KEI or if anyone try's to find keywords with high KEI.

Thanks for your input!
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    I take a casual look at that indicator, but never make decision based on it

    I look at the competitors to search ratio to make my decision

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      KEI matters only as much as the type of promotion you're going to do.

      For example, if you're just going to put up a web page, optimize it with
      the proper keywords for your niche and product and don't do anything else,
      then KEI will make or break you, because then, you're depending on natural
      SEO for your place in the search engines.

      However, if you're using things such as article marketing, pay per click, solo
      ads, blogs and other things to get people to your site, then KEI isn't quite
      as important because there are ways to drive traffic even in cases where
      the KEI is awful.

      Having said that, I'd prefer that the KEI was in my favor if I'm going after a
      niche that isn't one of the biggies, because then, lack of traffic and a bad
      KEI are just recipes for disaster, whereas lack of traffic and a great KEI
      could be an opportunity for a nice side income with very little work.

      This is just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

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