Single mother needs to keep her job.

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It is hard for me to post this here but I feel I've run out of options. I am a single mother of a child considered to have a disability though I never look at her that way. I am also a teacher and was notified that there is a program of 7 classes I have to take to re-certify my teaching certificate and be able to keep my job. I had planned to make payments to pay for the first class and then use a student loan from there because the school said my loan wouldn't be in place until December. The class however starts October 20th. Saturday When I called the school to find out when my first payment would be do I was told that because the class starts in Oct and that is the last term of the fall semester I can't make payments and that the entire $1600 must be paid in full by Oct. 9th. It will take a year to finish the classes to keep my teaching certification thus my job. The county I teach in has only agreed to give me till Oct 2009 to finish this.(The original deadline was June 2009) I desperately need help raising the money. I don't want my daughter and I to become statistics. I need to keep my job for mine and my dughter's sake.
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    I'm looking for help in raising the funds I need. I am also a writer and have done some ghost writing in the past on different topics; I have an ebook I wrote on Feng Shui, I have done ghost writing for and for others through So I can bring that to the table. For nayone close to me in Georgia I also do tutoring and test preparation workshops for ACT, SAT, Praxis and regular k-12 studies. I also do a preparing for college workshop.
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    I can also offer advertising on my blogtalk Internet radio shows in return for the help I need.
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    I am not sure how we can help you unless someone here can use your services considering the timeline.

    Well put an offer together and see what happens


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