First Day At The Warrior

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Thats right future friends...this is my first day on the Warrior. Of course, I heard about the forum in the past but never really signed up till today. I guess I am following the old saying that " When the time is right, then everything falls into place.

I worked for a major US Bank up last March, when I basically had enough and got myself fired. Dont as me to

But as with other people, I just reached a stage of my life when I said to myself..." if not NOW...then when ". I needed to do what I wanted in life and to do it now !....

Unfortunately in the past, necessity has always been the foundation for my motivation....

My expertise has always been in sports investing and I want to evolve that into internet marketing....and its starting to work...

I am finally on the right track now and maybe that is why I am finally at Warrior...

Dont really know what to expect here but look forward to any advice to propel my success....

Just want to say.........glad to be here
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    Welcome to the party, jwb! - Russ
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    Welcome to the warrior forum!

    Don't worry about your job because even if you didn't get fired the bank probably would of went under this month anyways. LOL

    Frank Bruno
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    Hi JWB,

    Welcome to the forum!

    You can expect a lot of valuable information...
    Super deals (WSO's)...
    And a room full of people ready to help!

    See you around!

    Regards, Pete
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      Hello JWB,

      Welcome to the Warrior Forum.

      You have taken the right decision to be here and here all the warriors could share their experience on what ever topic your thread posted.

      Enjoy your stay here.....
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    I signed up too long ago but had forgot about it. I then stumbled back onto the site months ago and have been addicted ever since.
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    Welcome JWB.. This is a place where you can find lots of information and knowledge of IM. Members here all willing to share with each other and give their opinion about certain topics. Hope you enjoy! =)
    Btw, I'm Moon from Singapore.

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