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I have heard a lot about how profitable domain flipping can be but have never tried it.

Today when logged in to my NameCheap account, I realized, out of 50 domain names, there are about 15 that I don't bother marketing them anymore, so I opened an account with Sedo, list 10 domains, and wait and see if somebody is interested in them and offer me big buck

My question: Should I leave the domain on my server with all the pages untouched, or it's better for me to park them at Sedo?

I prefer to leave them on my server so potential buyers can see what have they been used for. They can see the PR of the sites as well.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

Fairuz Talib
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    Hey there Fairuz,

    I would actually leave all the content on the website as you might even get an offer for the entire website too..who knows... Good luck with it man!


    -Alex Kaplo
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    I agree that you should leave the content on your sites if the content actually has relevance to your market. You may want to try some SEO techniques to ad as much value as possible to them as well. All in all sounds like you're pretty much on your game.

    Happy flipping

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