No page rank, but still dominate...what's the deal?

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I just noticed that my page rank of 3 just went to nothing but I'm still getting more and more traffic every day and rank very high for many keywords, including my main ones. My site is Big Band Charts and Big Band Arrangements, Vocal Arrangements

Before you comment on the site itself....

...I realize the whole site needs revamping which I plan to do soon in Wordpress, but I am just puzzled by how google has taken away my page rank but still ranks the site #1 for my main keywords like: big band arrangements and; big band charts and: combo charts

Does this mean page rank really does not mean much at all?

I've gotten more traffic in the last 30 days than ever before. google seems to be very hard to figure out.
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    How you rank for particular keywords is determined by more than any one factor. It depends on your PR, your specific links, the relevancy of your links to the keyword, the optimization of your page for the keyword, etc. No one factor will make you top the charts or tank. Of course, the more attributes you have running in your favor the better off you'll be, but as you have seen yourself it's not necessary to have everything lined up.
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    A smart guy once asked me... "Would you rather have
    a high page ranking or lots of sales?"

    Made sense to me... lol


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