social bookmark other topics? (other niches?)

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i heard from john reese that
you want to social bookmark 10%
of your stuff...and 90% of other stuff...

do you want to social bookmark
other NICHES? to make you look
natural to the social bookmarking websites?

so far, i was thinking of social bookmarking
- my blog posts
- my ezine articles
- my youtube videos

is that good...what else would you social bookmark
out of your own stuff?
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    I believe that the recommendation is to spread the love around, ie. link to popular stuff that is not yours to not look too spammy. There are a few threads around here that cover this.

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    You don't need to bookmark other niche but will be better if you did. But do not over bookmark your site. You should have a ratio between bookmarking other sites vs bookmarking your site. Here's what I do:

    I go and find very good articles and bookmark them.

    I become friend with the blog owner and vote for their stuff. In return they vote for my sites. I never discover my articles in stumbleupon. I guess you know what discover means? Discover - Being the first person to find and stumble your article.
  • Profile picture of the author JamesW
    I do a bit of social bookmarking but I always link to other sites as well. I would say that for every link to my own sites I probably link to 5-10 other sites to make it appear natural.

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