what daily keyword search count should I be looking for??

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Hi Warriors

I have a very competitive niche that I am based in. I have found various keywords in my niche that have little or no competition, but however they only have between 300-1000 searches per month. Is this count too low to be even bothered with ??

Also would be it be a feasible idea, to say take 6 keywords that say got 500 searches a month, use them for the url, and then divert the traffic to my main site url??

I look forward to your replies

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    Mark, I keep seeing people suggest that the keyword/phrase should get at least 100 searches per day, or 3000 per month, so that must work the best for most folks.

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    Mark test

    I picked up several keywords for a client once that had no competition and very low traffic by what the keyword tool said

    turns out the real world numbers were wrong they happen to be the most heavily hit pages for that specific keyword

    so test, traffic is traffic if it it targeted


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