Hello, just joined today!

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Hi all, I am Manu from Sydney. Just joined today.

I am a fitness trainer and I've been builing websites in the fitness niche.
Other projects: I am working on include a yoga book for children and some internet marketing websites.

I am really impressed with the warrior forum after hearing about it from a family member and I hope I can learn a lot and share some info.

I am ex international gymnast and practice yoga regularly. I still find funny how the word guru is used in this forum compared to where I grew up in India. I moved to Australia 9 years ago and my english is still not quite perfect.


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    Hi Manu, and welcome.

    I love that photo!

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    Hello Manu!

    Welcome to the forum. Don't worry about your english..

    me no english too :-) It's nice to hear you're in the fitness arena.

    Mind giving us some easy breathing/stretching techniques? I think we need it due to long hours of sitting..


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    We sure do get a lot of ozzies on here. You guys certainly stay busy. Welcome to the party. - Russ
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    I here too recently also have very much liked this forum.
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    Thanks Guys and Gals, felt very special.

    Omar asked about some easy breathing techniques, so I will give you all who are in front of the computer long hours an easy 3-4 step routine that you can do anytime and any number of time to help you relax and destress:

    Step 1: Rub your palms gently for few seconds and place them on your eyes.

    Step 2: Now deep breathe in through your nose and slowly breathe out through your mouth like when you fog a glass or mirror.

    Step 3: Do ten of those breathes.

    Step 4: Now push the chair back and standup on your tippy toes with arms stretched to the ceiling and walk to the end of the room and back.

    Thats all, your done and ready to go again.

    This just basic relax and stretch. I can give you more examples if you need.

    Once again thank you for the welcome.

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    Originally Posted by Junkee View Post


    hello!! welcome!!!! ))))))))) have a good day!

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