Teaching, Tutoring, Templating or Tucking?

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So the question is....have you ever been on a autoresponder series that taught you something that you are using today? If so, who was the marketer?

Thought of the Day. "If we can be profitable and could'nt help someone along the way, what good would we really be?"
That was part of a previous post here on the forum, one of the first ones I read this morning and it got me to thinking. I didn't want to hijack the thread and go off on a tangent.

Being taught something implies that I learn something. Thus teaching implies the want/need/ability to learn. Now, I am an avid reader, and I learn something from almost everything I read. It may be just a smidgen of information, a tiny thought provoker, or a little seed sown in the dark just waiting for a beam of light, but it is something.

The problem as I see it is that there are a lot of people out there that think that learning stopped in school (if it ever actually started). You hear them all the time looking for a mentor, or tutoring. Tutoring is useful if the student really wants to learn something and is struggling with the details. Tutoring is not a substitution for getting out there and learning something for themselves.

Even worse is templating, "Give me an easy to follow guide to build xyz". If they haven't invested the time and effort to learn enough about the business, then no amount of templating, blueprinting, or guiding is going to make them successful.

An last but certainly not least "tucking them in at night", a business in a box. Tucking is the ultimate hand-holding, give them a turn-key business and turn them loose on their own to fail.

Ask yourself are you teaching, tutoring, templating or tucking and why? If it is to make money, thats fine, but if you actually intend to "help someone along the way" then make sure you actually help.

If you are looking for knowledge start teaching yourself first, because no one can teach, tutor, template or tuck you to succeed except your self.
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    It sounds like you've been reading Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

    In one of his books about infomarketing he goes off on a rant about the importance of making the information you sell actually teach your reader/listner/viewer something they can use. And he writes about giving your audience enough information in your teaching that they can make it work for themselves as per your instructions.

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    Actually, I don't believe I have read Dr. Lant's books, but I will definitely check them out, thanks

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