Are You A Bunny or a Turtle?

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I am often amazed how many people continue to buy into old cliches that goes like this:

"... slow and steady wins the race..."

" for a rainy day..."

"....there's no such thing as get rich quick..."

"....a penny saved is a penny earned.."

Etc. Etc.

I am curious as to how many of you Warriors still subscribe to the various cliches above--- both in your business and your lives?

Because to life isn't about saving for's about spending money today. And making more money tomorrow.....and enjoying the moment.

It's not about planning for age 65.....the golden years.....a life in some communistic, gated community where your neighbors keep better tabs on you then the best covert federal agency....where your sex life is about as exciting as your bad golf game.

And yet...that's the way a lot of you always "heard it should be."

And you live your lives that way. Always saving for a tomorrow that never comes. Never living and enjoying life when you're still young enough to score a hot chick.....and dive into some mosh pit at a punk rock concert.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

My ass! The bunny the long run. He went out and got laid.....and made lots more little bunnies!

The bunny had fun. He didn't need a gold medal from other conservative bores...he was too busy living life hopping like a bunny.

The Turtle crossed the line...and bored himself to death doing it. He died like he lived......joyless....with a useless 401K plan that never got tapped....left to a bunch of worthless inlaws and kids...who didn't deserve it.

Save For A Rainy Day?

At age 70.....what reason do I need money for? Rainy days....sleet..or snow? Hot chicks arn't gonna be bangin on my door I'm pretty sure! And I'll probably shoot snakes eyes long before then why worry about tomorrow when I can have fun today? Cuz I am. That's how I live.

The society of sheep we live in.....never find the proverbial rainy day...cuz it's alway tomorrow or down the road. True.

So they save and save....they save their dimes till the day they die. Truth is...they died long before their obituary comes out. Cuz they were too afraid to live....from the jumpstreet. How many of you know someone like that? Maybe yourself?

You Can't Get Rich Quick!

Bullshit! We live in the modern internet era...which allows anyone with a basic understanding of sales...the opportunity to get rich in days if they do it right. That dumb cliche spawned out of the depression era mentality...and it's tired and extinct. Fast Riches ARE available. Some one gets rich quick every day in America.

And if you blow the what???? Go out and make more...cuz the formula never changes. Just repeat it...rinse...wash....repeat.

The point here? Some of you'se people...and you'se know who you are......need to take that hard earned IM Cash...and go enjoy your lives....rather then holding on to it for some day 20 years in the future when you may or may not even be alive.....much less in any condition to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And once you'll find that your IM sales come so much easier....and life is so much richer in general.

There is NO's not guaranteed anyway....and it's better to go out in a blaze of glory then endin' up like a grizzled old sheep in some cushy retirement community sucking your grits through a straw...wishing you go back in time 60 years.... and ask out the girl next door. Sorry...too late.

xxx Vegas Vince

A penny saved is a penny wasted.
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    I'm definitely a bunny! I've even got a sexy bunny suit to wear to Hef's parties, but his guards tossed me out.

    I've lived my life on the dangerous edge forever. Got the broken bones, divorces, and bills to prove it. And I wouldn't do a thing differently. Living hard is too much fun.

    I have friends who live safely. One day they'll die of boredom one day.
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      Hi Vince,

      I'm even sadder than the turtle.

      I run the race then halfway through notice all the bunnies having fun. It distracts me, but I continue with the race. But however hard I focus on the finish line, my mind is still on the bunnies having fun. Eventually it gets too much and I run off to join the bunny party only to find that all of the bottles are empty and everyone is crashed out, asking where I've been and why I missed the fun.

      So I realise my error, run back to the race only to find them handing out medals on the winners podium to the ones that stayed the course.

      No fun, no medals - just empty bottles. And a determination to never give up even if I have the worst timing and indecision of any bunny-turtle that ever existed.

      There's a lesson in this somewhere but I'll do you the courtesy of not looking for a cheesy cliche to close it with. I think I might take a copy of your post and look at it on a regular basis - thanks.

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