I am totally blown away....

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I am going to try not to get too mushy writing this thread... *sniff sniff*

From the awesome things I have learned from the wonderful Warriors on this board and in the War Room, I am making daily money with not a lot of effort.

I cannot even begin to describe checking my account each morning and seeing money coming in during the night!

I am not talking a huge amount of money. Only a few dollars a day, at this point. But even $5 a day is $150 a month! And now that I have learned how to make a few dollars a day, I can learn how to make more.

The best part? I have even shown a few of my online friends how to do the same thing I am doing and they have started making some money, too. I have gotten some excited emails from them, let me tell you!

I am so excited to have found this forum.

I am a very grateful newbie.

Thank you to everyone.

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    What a great story!
    Reading stories like yours make us all feel good, and its so nice have hope about the future too.
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    Congratulations Shay,

    Most people just need to see a few bucks to get inspired and to realize online marketing can work. Most give up within only 90 days. I still have friends that think IM is a scam. I had one fella see my Google check and thought it was for stocks.lol

    That's great you're showing your friends what you're doing. I've never had the courage to get any of my friends involved because of the typical mind set.

    Keep it up and you will start to see your first $50 days and then $100 days and before before you know it even $300 days and on and on...

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      Thanks, Guys!

      Part of me feels a little stupid for getting so excited about such a small amount of money, but it is just the fact that I am making it while I sleep! I have put things in motion and now I am reaping some benefit.

      I am so incredibly excited right now....
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    Oh, wow - a whole 'Shay gets enthusiastic' thread! I am so motivated now!

    Well done, Shay!

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