Worth of a Thread!

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Here's something I'd like to say... And copywriter's please pay attention...

this is how I measure the worth of a post!

1. Look at the number of views!

More is the number of views, more it implies the title of the thread is better! And this is a challenge for the copywriters and marketers alike! If you can' get your threads read at WF, how do you expect to sell through a long letter?

this is pretty much like a headline, right warriors?

2. Look at the no. of replies...

Sometimes, the number of replies implies involvement of the other warriors. Other times, its just "me too" or "Thanks a lot, mr. Thread Starter". But you can't really tell anything other than a lot of warriors are spending time at this thread!

3. IMPORTANT: views per reply: divide the no. of views by the number of reples and you know how many other warriors are bothering to reply. Personally, I don't go to the threads where this ratio is over 25!


Save a lot of time! Some threads are just time wasters! And you want to stay away! So I use this method to measure up the worth of a thread..

What checks do you use?

obviously, these are not for new threads.

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    This is Bull!

    Some thread don't get many replies because they either don't need replies or people can't help.

    Sorry I'm sleepy.

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