Gauging Success With Article Marketing

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Hello Warriors,

I guess you could say that I am seeking both inspiration and personal experience when it comes to article marketing. You see, I currently have 25 articles pending review at EzineArticles which I've created over the past few days. The wait is killing me because I feel these articles have a lot of potential and to make matters worse I'll have to wait until every last one of these articles is approved before I can earn Platinum status.

So I guess what I am looking for is some input as to what I can generally expect from 25 articles in terms of clicks and ultimately sales. Any personal experiences with article marketing success (or failure) is very much appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!
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    Anybody willing to give some input?
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    What is your definition of 'success' and 'failure'?

    Based on sales, leads, clicks or anything?

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    Awesome! 25 articles for EzineArticles. Please be patient, they will review within one week and I'm sure you will get your Platinum status. The most important is continue to submit your articles after gain the status because articles marketing is really a consistent work to drive traffic to website. =)
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    Without knowing the niche (some are seasonal) and how popular it currently is and the article titles you are using it's a bit difficult to provide a true answer. However, generally speaking submitted articles once approved will start to generate traffic and hopefully income in approximately 24 - 36 hours once approved.

    2 years ago 25 articles would yield you a gold mine, last year it was a great way to start generating lots of traffic/income. This year 25 articles is a step in the right direction up the article marketing ladder. Ideally, you will want to have upwards of 100 - 200 submitted and approved articles before you truly start to enjoy the dominating effect (traffic and income) that was easier to obtain 2 years ago.

    Whatever you do, don't stop writing and submitting. The more articles you have submitted and approved the more traffic and income you will generate.

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      As Tim said, it's impossible to predict how well your 25 articles will do. I've seen people submit hundreds with very little success at all, whereas I've seen others with one article that will generate income in the thousands. I have one article that has generated over $10,000 in the past year, and I have others that haven't made me a cent (for many reasons e.g. wrong niche, wrong product etc.). I find that it takes most people at least 25 articles or more to start working out a strategy that works for them (my first 25, although well written produced very little actual income). Testing and trying different things is very important in any aspect of internet marketing, and the same goes for article marketing.

      Just be warned, you may not receive as many clicks and sales as you're expecting, so don't be disheartened but chalk it up to experience and learn where you can improve. On the other hand you might hit the jackpot so good luck!
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    Okay, reality check time.

    It takes hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of articles to have REAL success with
    article marketing.

    I am speaking from experience because that's what I've got out there and it
    took me about 2 years to really generate a substantial income from article

    So get busy...You have a very long road ahead of you.
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      Thanks guys! I really appreciate the input. And I will be submitting tons of articles once my Platinum status is approved.

      As far as submitting to other directories, I haven't had nearly as much exposure as I've had with EZA. Even so I will still continue to do this as it will provide some quality backlinks.

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