30 Minute Audio=How Many Pages?

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Another warrior has asked me to write a report that he wants to turn into an audio presentation.

Can anyone with experience tell me approximately how many pages of writing it would take for a 30 minute audio? I realize a lot depends on how fast you're speaking and how many words per page, but I'd like a ball park figure.

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    Without knowing the words per page, it would be very difficult to gauge. But, formal English is typically spoken at 100 to 120 words per minute. So a 30 minute (all speech) audio should be in the neighborhood of 3000 to 3600 words.

    If you use the old guideline of 250 words to a page, then you are looking at 12 to 15 pages.

    It is worth noting that conversational English is usually spoken at closer to 300 words per minute.

    (Sources referenced: effective talks: material 137 and Word count - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

    I hope this helps
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    Thanks! That helps.

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