I just got a webpage Index in google in less then 5 Minutes

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I just started up a new blog with a good domain name and just submitted a post. To my amazement it got index in less then 5 mins.

I never did anything special other then bookmark the post and submitted to a couple off social voting sites.

Well your wondering how I this found out. I used webmaster tools which is owned my google and check to see if any pages were index. The page I just submitted was already indexed in the google.

I don't know want I did specifically, but when i do find out I will let you all know. I am not ranking for the keyword i used but i will keep an eye on it over the next 24hrs.

This is so cool!
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Dominic
    Nice! Are you using Wordpress? It automatically pings itself to blog directories everytime you post.
  • Profile picture of the author TLTheLiberator
    If you have a link from a heavy trafficked site that gets spidered a lot from the search engines you'll get indexed fast.

    But 5 minutes must be the record.

    Getting indexed is only step one right?

  • Profile picture of the author Rich_Newell
    I have never checked to see if mine are indexed, but I have a blog that is number 2 on Google for iPhone Add Ons.

    Congrats for having a quick index.
    • Profile picture of the author Ricky Parker
      Good job building your site.

      It is common to see site pages get indexed that fast. I've seen it happen over the years a lot.

      But it is a neat thing when it happens the first few times.

      Again, Good job.

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