Gurus Who Can Actually Teach?

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There are Internet Marketing "Gurus" and there are people out there who are excellent Internet Marketing "Teachers."

The well-known Gurus are excellent marketers.

And sometimes they are also excellent Teachers.

Unfortunately, sometimes a Guru is only good at Marketing. When it comes time to actually teach--they aren't very proficient.

I think that if a Guru can't teach, they shouldn't be marketing their teachings. Harsh. I know.

But wait! There's more...

By the same token, sometimes good Teachers suck at Marketing.

I think if a Teacher can't Market, they shouldn't be Teaching Internet Marketing. If you can't do-don't try and teach. (Man I hate it when another newbie sets up a "how to make money online" site.) I know. I'm insensitive.

But I'm also genuinely curious...

In YOUR opinion, who are the best Internet Marketing Gurus who are good at Marketing and also good at Teaching?

Who makes your "A-List" for I.M. Gurus?

(By the way, I'm NOT interested in who you think is bad. Just who you think is good.)

Thanks for your time and your valuable opinion.

P.S. No ulterior motive here. I'm not launching anything or creating a product with this. I'm seriously just curious because I want to buy some courses and I want to buy the best ones.
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    For newbies I think PotPieGirl provides a good bit of value. Her free Squidoo report and her free 6StepNicheSites are solid introductory resources. Her One Week Marketing guide, while certainly not rocket science for experienced internet marketers, is a value-priced resource for what you get.

    While I think she's a bit Squidoo-centric, and think she lays on the "aw shucks" persona a little thick sometimes, from what I've seen she seems to be doing well on the business side of things. I believe she got the bonus for most sales of the "Best Article Spinner" last month, and has come out at or near the top for other contest.
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    Judging from Eben Pagan's free stuff (and he put out A LOT) he seems to be the absolute king of teaching. He's an idol of mine.
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    Hi Peter,

    Your concerns are certainly valid because good marketing doesn't
    always equal good learning material. We've all probably learned that
    from first hand experience.

    I can't directly address your question because I stopped buying courses
    from the well-known IM marketers a long time ago.

    But I wanted to point-out that I've bought products from relatively
    unknown marketers, and their material was excellent from a teaching
    standpoint. It has been a while so can't really list any names. I downloaded
    a free ebook written by Paul Meyers who's a Warrior forum member and
    moderator. It was well-written and he conveyed his lessons and points
    very clearly and in a very well-organized manner. So that is one name
    that comes to mind.

    Another name is Sean d'Sousa (spelling?) who is very well known in certain
    circles. He teaches about article writing and other things. I think his
    article marketing course/coaching could be the most expensive around.
    But judging from his other writings and free teachings, he's a very good
    teacher as well as marketer. I think the difference with him is he's not
    so concerned with being famous as some others, maybe. At least that
    is my impression. So maybe that's why he doesn't seem to be a household
    IM name.

    I would urge you to consider buying something that appeals to you, is
    relevant to your needs as a marketer, and everything else about the
    material and person passes the warm fuzzy test.

    You never know how pleasantly surprised you may be.
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    Im doing my best to teach my Subscribers how to earn money online and i often get good feedback. I spend a lot of hours each day adding new content for them to use, most of which is methods i personally use to make my income.
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    I think kim roach is a graet teacher.
    I also like howie schwartz
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    I have my Masters in Education so when I read marketing material I really notice if the "teacher" did a good job. Is there a good introduction? Are the objectives clear and easy to follow? Does the material have closure?

    So many times I will read a report that is supposed to explain something and it skips steps.

    Lisa Parmley's Inline SEO course is perfection. She is a natural teacher and knows her stuff. Her material is presented in both video and reports.
    Xfactors Adsense report is a great example of a step by step blueprint
    And Casey Gentles free report Newbies Fast Cash Guide is great.

    Learning styles do vary from one person to the next. I would prefer to read material but others would rather watch videos. Some work better learning alone and some need more structure. So different teachers for different styles also.
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    Originally Posted by PeterDudek View Post

    I think if a Teacher can't Market, they shouldn't be Teaching Internet Marketing. If you can't do-don't try and teach. (Man I hate it when another newbie sets up a "how to make money online" site.) I know. I'm insensitive.
    I tuely believe that teaching is a whole different can of worms when compaired to any other activity, some people are naturaly gifted with the right good teacher's temperament/personality. by the contrary, there are many people who are not gifted with the ability of being able to teach well what they can do successfully. How many successful football coaches are fat guys who never even made it to their high schools football teams? yet their passion, undertanding, love for the game, plus a degree in sport education allows them to coach teams very well. There are many college marketing and business teachers who live pay-check to pay-check and have never had their own businesses (offline or online), if all good business teachers had the drive to become millionaires themselves there would not be teachers left at our colleges and Universities, don't you think? Teaching is mostly related to knowledge optained through hard intellectual research work, and to the ability of being able to pass that knowledge to others successfully.
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    Originally Posted by PeterDudek View Post

    By the same token, sometimes good Teachers suck at Marketing.

    I think if a Teacher can't Market, they shouldn't be Teaching Internet Marketing. If you can't do-don't try and teach. (Man I hate it when another newbie sets up a "how to make money online" site.) I know. I'm insensitive.
    I don't agree, sort of. One of the biggest myths out there is the stupid (imo) cliche: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." Anyone with plenty of life and business experience knows this to be utter nonsense.

    But one caveat... I do think in IM you need to know that something works before you teach it to others. That does NOT mean, however, that you must be making gazillions from that thing you're teaching. It just means you need to know it works. Because then the people you teach can take that ball and run with it. Scale it up. Focus on it to the exclusion of other things. That's the point here really... we all have different interests and talents. If I know something works but I don't really like doing it... should I not teach it to others? I say that's a ridiculous notion. It assumes my own proclivities apply universally.

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    Interesting post and responses.... very informative.

    However I am not sure I can fully agree let me lay an example.

    Say I learned woodworking. O.K.

    Now I learned it I know what works how to measure use the tools what tools to use a scroll saw for some a band saw for others etc. BUT I SUCK at wood working. LOL true

    That does not prevent me from giving the facts to someone who may have a real knack for it. facts are something I truly love because they cannot be altered as soon as they are they are no longer facts.

    I can relay the information to those desiring to learn without actually being successful at it myself. You asked if one would choose guru A or guru B I would choose neither. I prefer to learn myself but for the record I don't go by claims of income I can tell you last year I made 120 k but what I am not telling you is that it cost me 125k in advertising etc . just an e.g. not true

    If you go to any school whether elementary ,high school, college whatever. The teacher teaching, is teaching what they have learned and not necessarily what they have experienced. Do I think people should teach if they do not know. NO that would not be a fact but if you know what works I don't think that discounts the person.
    I think that there are some who excel in showing and doing and others who excel in showing. first you do A then go to B this will help you produce C etc but having said all this I think there are way too many whacko's teaching things they know nothing about so then they are not relaying facts but fiction which causes harm so that is my opinion
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    Frank Kern and Howie Shwartz are the most down to Earth laid back
    teachers I have come across.
    It's like your fist time you ever went fishing
    with a family member
    who truly want's you to succeed (catch that first fish).
    Once you get it there is a genuine feeling of accomplishment from them
    and it shows.
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    Also jay abraham and brian tracy(non-IM)
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    those that can"
    Those that can't teach"
    I do not fully agree with this but there you go.
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    Why do you have to be millionaire to be a teacher? I mean iof Joe blogs makes $1000,000 p.a. is happy and has been doing it for 5+ years. He m ight be the best "teacher" in the world. I do not see the fascination with millions.

    You're missing an option. There is also Person C, who is not a guru and is not a millionaire, who has either observed or interviewed the gurus and is able to boil down the success principles and procedures into teachings that Gurus B and D and F are not able to come up with, because they're just too close to it.
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    plenty of great answers!

    here's my take on the "newbie who doesn't make tons of it but can explain it" vs "guru who makes tons with it but can't explain it":

    the guru is often at a place where (s)he's had years of experience, i.e. they've already "forgotten" what the stumbling blocks were in the beginning.

    you know the feeling many newbies have "hey, the guru must be holding back a little something, it seems to be working for them, but not for me".

    I think that's the key: they're so advanced in their field, that the simple stuff is so obvious to them that they don't really go into it -- and that's where the newbie who has just started (or the teacher who is great at explaining) comes in: they can look at those little stumbling blocks and make crystal clear what the *exact* next step is you need to take.

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    I'll second Eben Pagan and Frank Kern as their teaching styles match my learning style. I'll throw in a different name into the list.

    I stumbled upon Glen Allsop of a few months back. He is genuine, very detailed and doesn't hesitate to share everything he has which I reckon are good qualities to have. Guru? Maybe not when compared to the list you have now but a Guru in his own right.
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    Throw Lee McIntyre and Tony Shepherd into the mix. Both Warriors and both very successful and both excellent in different ways at teaching their methods. Tony is especially good at doing so in a way that is simple without being simplistic. When I make it over to jolly old England, that's a guy I'm gonna buy a pint or two, for sure.

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    I just started another thread like this as I haden't noticed this one.

    Basically, I think one of the best teachers of IM is Kevin Bidwell. And he's a Warrior.

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