Can someone explain YouTube

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and how to drive traffic to your site by using it?

Just having your web address in a video doesn't seem like a very effective way to use it.

Any other ideas?
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    Youtube is a social site where the members can post, view and share videos. Once registered you can post your favourite videos which are commented and voted by the others. Youtube has a large audience and one can get instant traffic by posting videos here. Joining groups will result in more views for your videos. Tagging and categorising the videos will bring the targeted traffic.
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    To understand this in another perspective, do this exercise: embed a video on a test website.

    Now think about it:
    -- a video on the test website with your (target) site at the bottom of the video for the whole length of the video.
    -- A video where you introduce yourself, mention your website, and mention your service or niche.
    -- and at the end of the video, videos of the same topic (of which some of them are yours);
    -- and on the youtube video page, your URL and description.

    Oh and there's the original content from mainstream media like NBC and such. And you can also have the same content for your viral video campaign.

    Put in that context, if you have the ken, talent and the hardware, it's a no-brainer to submit videos to youtube.
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      well after doing the " on Page optimization " i mean that really counts too .. but the most important is your video. Try to make as interesting and as informative video as you can... if you video was crappy , people won't bother going back to your website to check more of your work ...

      If you have done an awesome job in creating a quality vid then people who have seen would be wanting to learn more about your website .... so the key factor is the video itself ...

      For reference you can see the videos of " Chris Pirello" , "Joel Comm" "Rand" they really make vid's worth watching and you have atleast have a look at their chennel to see what else have they got there.

      Hope this helps

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    Originally Posted by Easy Cash View Post

    and how to drive traffic to your site by using it?

    Just having your web address in a video doesn't seem like a very effective way to use it.

    Any other ideas?

    Jason Moffett is the King of video. Join his EasyVideoSales site and you'll find videos there that spill the beans on all kinds of YouTube tricks.

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