Need some help from the Newbies ;)

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I am working on a new product for beginning internet marketers.

I want to make sure I'm giving the information people really need, so I've created a nice little one question survey on my blog.

What’s your biggest problem . . . | Internet Marketing Strategy for Moms

If you could answer I would really appreciate it.

I will give a FREE copy of the course to those who answer the question (when I get it finished).

Thanks I appreciate you!

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    I'm not a Mom but does that stop me from answering and receiving a free copy of the course when it's finished ?

    My biggest problem is getting traffic. Creating a product to sell seems fairly straight forward but when it comes to increasing traffic, that is where I find that I end up drowning in the different ways which should be increasing the number of visitors to my site.
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      NO not at all!!

      Thanks for you reply and thanks for leaving it in the form. That way I can keep track of everyone I need to send a copy to when it gets done.


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    My biggest problem is more traffic, how can I get more people to my site. How can I further target my audience from an outer red circle to a bulls-eye? Or where are some quality leads of people in my interest area. I'm not a mom either, but I am a father...if that matters any.

    Good Luck!
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    I answered your question, Jackie.

    Best of luck,

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    my biggest problem is getting a website loaded up and working properly !
    Still working on my first one!
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    I posted too!


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