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Hi chaps.

Looking for recommendations for a membership site script. Basically I want the script to be fairly "no-frills", allowing members to have a simple log-in to a Wordpress members' area. I used to use a script like Memberfire, which was absolutely beautiful apart from one little problem: it didn't automatically disable the memberships of those who had cancelled.

The fear is that a lot of these scripts have too many bells and whistles for my needs. Is there a decent, simple script that can do what I outlined above?

Thanks for any help (from a non-techie)

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    After getting to know Joomla a lot better, I can say that it should do what you need. You will have to use Joomla 1.0.12, I think, because the 1.5 version doesn't support the plugin that you would use. After installing it, you would need the AEC extension from This will take care of the membership stuff, allowing you to specify which membership levels get access to which areas of the site.

    I believe that it also takes care of cancelling memberships, but I haven't actually used it yet.
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      Wordpress and amember work well together. Ive done a bunch of those integrations. You can see a demo of it in my sig. Wordpress is your content system, amember will hand the subscription/cancellations etc.. The only thing that's manual is refunds.


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