Thunderbird Alternative?

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Hey guys,

I've been having problems with Thunderbird for quite a while and it's finally just not really working at all and I'd prefer to use something else. I just need something basic where I can monitor 15-20 email addresses all from the one place.

Are there any other good alternatives to Thunderbird?

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    I've tried Pocomail, Eudora, and the Bat, in addition to Outlook Express and Thunderbird. Can't remember why, but I didn't like Poco. Eudora didn't have the main feature and seemed clumsy to use, and the Bat kept freezing up.

    So, I'm using Thunderbird. Have you tried deleting old mails and compacting the folders? I have about 5,000 emails in my Inbox but I'm not having any problems with it, so I don't know if that becomes a problem at some point. What kind of problems are you having?
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    Is there a way to schedule emails to be sent with Thunderbird?

    I mainly use Gmail online. Works for me!
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    MS Outlook! I'm not serious. It's just that you hear the question and the recommendation the other way around so often, thought it'd be fun to reverse them.

    I understood that with gmail you can forward email to it from other accounts. Then when you answer it will answer as if it is from that account. But I just tried it out and it didn't work. It answered as if it was from my primary gmail addy, not from my site.

    So guess I'm looking for a solution too.

    Outlook does have some serious capabilities. One person mentioned that she had over 200,000 emails on hers and it still worked fine.
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    I actually went back to Outlook after using Thunderbird for a long time. Believe it...or not... ;-)

    Suzanne (but seriously, I did!)
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    I've been using Tbird for a few years. The newest version works okay, but it's really hard to change the order of the accounts. Folderpane Tools used to work great, but it hasn't been updated. My Yahoo emails no longer work in Tbird, either.

    It seems like I've had a couple other issues, but can't remember them right now. Others have complained in the Tbird forum about features that went missing with the latest version. All in all, I'd like something that worked better.
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    I check around 10 accounts. I went completely cloudbased after I left Thunderbird.

    I created Google Apps accounts for each domain.
    I uploaded all the emails using the Google Apps Uploader tool.
    I installed "Webmail Notifier" plugin for Firefox that checks every 5 minutes.

    Now I get notifications inside Firefox. All my email is available online...anywhere in the world. Less load on my server=happier customers. Everything is safe on Google's servers. Deliverability increased. Spam is greatly reduced due to Google's filters.

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    regularly compacting in thunderbird does make a huge difference.
    you can resolve a lot of issues by forcing a reindex of the mailbox as well

    but you didnt come here to ask for a fix you came asking for another mail app. personally i love the bat!. that program is awsome but it is far from basic. a lot of people find themselves puzzled by it and most people i know do not properly utilize it. however it can do almost anything.

    as far as basic windows based free apps i would say thunderbird is the best
    then opera mail
    the eudora
    then pegasus

    oh there is the free one built in to windows too, i think its just called mail now days (formerly outlook express)

    theres a bunch more too
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    yes you can do it but it is not ideal. basically you set all your accounts up and they will all come in to a unified mailbox

    then you set up sub-folders under that inbox for each mail box

    then you create a rule (tools > rules > mail) that says :
    Where to line contains address1
    Move it to the specified folder folder for address1
    apply this rule after message arives
    name it something significant

    then create another one for each address you plan to use
    this will cause it to sort your incomming mail based on the TO: address and put them in their designated folder

    this is the only way to do it in Windows Mail, it will work but the app was not designed to handel multple accounts the right way
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    oh ok, i actually have never used windows live mail i guess its pretty new. maybe i check it out later

    my instructions were for Windows Mail, not the live one but the one build in to windows. honestly i didnt know this live one existed but it looks like it will have no problem with multiple accounts.
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    I use opera browser which comes with an email feature. I like it because email and browser are in the same app. you can setup multiple accounts.

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    There is an application called postbox ( that may work for you. It's not free though ($40 USD). It was created by some of the same developers that created Thunderbird.

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    Hi everyone,

    I was using outlook for years and upgraded to 64bit Windows 7 and had big issues with Windows mail. Would only allow about 6 different email accounts, Thunderbird I just couldn't get configured properly to send emails.

    Anyway, eM Client 3.0 solved my problems and is working great!

    It came 2nd overall in this years (2011) PCmag tests. See their list of email clients below:

    The Best Free Software of 2011 - E-mail/Collaboration |


    Steve Gilruth
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    Windows Live Mail for the win! I really like it, even more so than Outlook. I can have multiple email address accounts in there too, which makes life easier for me
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    Check out Inbox2. I've used it precisely as a TB alternative and haven't looked back
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    Thunderbird is a good product
    But it also has some drawbacks
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    eM Client is a good thunderbird Email Client alternative, it is also good for skype, outlook, mns and facebook, massage synchronizer.
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    I've been using Thunderbird for about the last 4 years and never had any major problems with it.

    I have multiple accounts, tons of folders, filters and thousands of emails. Never had an issue with any of them.

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