Who Wants To Make Money Right Now?...Yes, Right NOW!

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Okay, if you're bored, have nothing else to do and want to make some quick
cash without a ton of work, and WITHOUT having to wait for EZA to approve
your article...give this a shot. And the beauty of this little money maker is
that there are so many niches to choose from that nobody will get in another
person's way...not really.

Here it is...step by step. It shouldn't take you longer than an hour...tops.

Step 1 - Go to Google Hot Trends.

Here is the URL:

Google Trends: Oct 12, 2008

You will notice a TON of hot trends there, so there is plenty to choose
from. These are keywords, things and people that are getting mass
searches RIGHT NOW. It will tell you the last time it was updated. Right
now, as I am writing this, it was updated about 50 minutes ago.

Step 2 - This is the part that takes a little research and most of your
hour. Look for items that you can monetize, either through selling a related
affiliate product (preferably Clickbank as it's easy to sign up) or through

You have to use a little imagination for the monetization part. For example,
right now, one of the hot trends is nascar results. Now, a lot of people
into nascar are into stuff like hats and shirts and other memorabilia. You
can monetize this either through Adsense ads that sell this stuff, or, if
you can find an affiliate program that sells this stuff (won't be Clickbank)
you can sell a few items yourself. Take your time on this part of it because
if you don't monetize this carefully, the next steps are going to be for

You also want to do a little keyword research for this to make sure you're
not going up against a million sites. The newest hot trends, especially if
they've never been hot before, will have very few competing sites.

These are the ones you can cash in on quickly.

Step 3 - Get a blogger blog and name it something that fits the niche. It
isn't the best choice but waiting for your own domain and hosting will
not get you up and running quickly. So start with a blogger blog and if
you see it's taking off, you can always move everything to your own
domain later.

Step 4 - Write an article on the subject matter and put it on your blog.
If you are selling an affiliate product, make sure you have a link to it at
the end of the article.

Step 5 - Go to sites like Digg and dig your article. Do this with as many
sites as you can.

That's it.

Total time for this whole thing is one hour, more or less.

They don't all come up winners, but I have hit on some big money makers
when I picked JUST the right hot trend.

It's kind of like playing hit and run at the stock market. Yes, it's risky, but
it's the quickest way I've ever seen of making money when it works, which
for me is about 40% of the time.

Like I said, if you've got nothing to do (and that's the key) and you can
blow an hour in your day, or just want to take an hour to have some fun
(yes, this can be a real thrill ride looking to see if your site takes off) then
I don't see the harm.

Are there better ways to make money for your business? Of course there
are, but as I said, this is for when you want to kill some time and still
make a few bucks besides.

My best blog earned me over $500 in one day for a hot trend that lasted
for almost 24 hours. It was a very big news story from about a year ago.

Anyway, thought I'd throw this out there for a Sunday afternoon for those
of you who aren't into football and are tired of BSing with their Aunt
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  • Profile picture of the author Danielle_B
    That is sheer craziness.

    I like it.

    ~D, Livin' on the Edge...
  • Profile picture of the author Razvan Rovinaru
    Thanks for sharing, will give this a try

    Actually I've used a variation of this method before, but I chose the PPC way because there usually isn't any competition for hot trends keywords and the bids are low - it converted pretty well, so I'll try the free route too - should be fun.

  • Profile picture of the author Steven Fullman
    I'm thinking of changing my sig to:

    "Thanks Waggers!"

    ...seems to be all I write these days anyway.

  • Profile picture of the author ahuddy
    Awesome Idea, thanks for sharing with us all!
  • Profile picture of the author itblogger
    Thank you for sharing. A great post.
    But that will be better if you give more examples about what you have done with this method.
  • Profile picture of the author Clare Moser
    Great Tips Steven. Thanks for sharing!
  • Profile picture of the author Terry Brazil
    Nice post Steve. I have done some things like this in the past however I did not do to much with digg and social networking sites. Instead I wrote press releases. There are quite a few places that allow you to submit press releases for free some of which will even get you on Google News.

    If you can put yourself in the right frame of mind and think like a reporter you can do rather well. Of course your press releases do not get approved right away and can sometimes take you a day or so.

    A few years back I had a press release that was about Satellite TV For PC Pro and the possible effects that it could have on the cable / satellite industry. It made me thousands in affiliate sales within a week or so.

    The best part about doing press releases or even digg, etc... is that you do not need to write about a hot trend it simply has to be controversial.
  • Profile picture of the author darrenw
    Great info...Your a star sharing this
  • Profile picture of the author Dan Grossman
    Or spend the hour developing a real business. Use that research to identify a problem people have where there are no good solutions in the marketplace, and solve that problem.

    Spending your time like this just guarantees you'll always be working 12 hours a day trying to make enough to pay your bills.
  • Profile picture of the author Dave777
    Thanks Steve for the excellent tips and ideas! Think also about applying Google insights into the idea and in case some haven't heard... First major upgrade ever, Google Blogsearch...
    Google Insights for Search: Competitive Intelligence Analysis | Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik
    Google Blogsearch Relaunches as Techmeme Killer, Across 11 Categories - ReadWriteWeb

  • Profile picture of the author Chris Hunter
    You especially can make money Right Now if you choose products to promote that are based on the $7 Dollar or the Rapid Action Profits script, that way you get paid directly to your PayPal account.

    Or, if you have any PLR material based on the subject, go through and edit it, add affiliate links, and sell it directly to the traffic coming from the site. This may not be possible because of the urgency of the trend, but it's not impossible.

    Do it! Do it now!!
  • Profile picture of the author Bishop81
    That's also a great way to pull in a little income to use for funding your projects. If you spend a few hours each week on this, you could hopefully have at least a good $100 or $200 to use for buying domains, sites, hosting, etc...
  • Profile picture of the author Skribblez
    Great advice, Steven. Thanks for sharing!
  • Profile picture of the author Tina Williams

    Thanks for the fun idea on a Sunday! It's a great idea for pretty much any day of the week too. Whenever I look at Google Trends there are always some tings that I have to wonder "what were they thinking" when they were searching? But your point is well taken...who cares if you can capitalize on it and have some fun at the same time?

  • Profile picture of the author Alex Sol
    Hey, Steve! Great post!
    I imagine you recommend DIGG because usually it could rank on the 1st page of a SE within few minutes (if competition is low), right?

    So it makes me think... I think I might do a 24h challenge, meaning I'll do that for 24 hours straight, doing a new hot trend every 2 hours or so
    Could be a great blog post...

  • Profile picture of the author zimbie
    I did this earlier today shortly after you posted this. My Digg post is number one for the keyword - my blog is nowhere to be found though. I am also seeing a few twitter posts on the first two pages for that keyword, so Twittering might be something to consider too.
  • Profile picture of the author Rich Rollend
    Thanks Steven, this a great idea. I already started working on it.

  • Profile picture of the author kundanghanekar
  • Profile picture of the author kundanghanekar
  • Profile picture of the author GeorgR.
    Good Tips!

    Don't forget Squidoo also

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