1 Free Profile Page to a well-known Warrior

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I am looking to create a Squidoo profile page (some info about you, your products, your services) for free for 1 warrior.

Hopefully, a well known one.

This is kind of social marketing related....

You need:

A presence out there of some sort that provides RSS feeds for your stuff. - EzineArticles account, Delicious (or whatever) bookmarks, YouTube account.

A desire to brand yourself.

You should probably have:

Some products of your own.

Some services you provide.

This will require some input from you via PM with content, links, information, etc.

The dynamic content can be anything that provides RSS feeds. If they update regularly, that is even better.

Please do not even ask if you don't have any RSS feeds floating around out there somewhere. (You probably do and might not know it... think of all your Web 2.0 accounts.)

This is a case study for a service I am offering, so, yes, I would like a thumbs up if you like it. (complete silence if you don't!)

I have removed my sig to be as un-self promotional as possible.

PM me for consideration.

#internet marketing #delicious #ezinearticles #youtube

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