Why are you interested in marketing?

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Why are you interested in online or offline marketing? Or both?

What about owning your own business appeals to you?

And how do you decide which books or course you get? What I mean is, what do you look for in marketing books and courses which makes you buy that particular book or course?
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    What appealed to me about online marketing was the fact that I could combine several of my interests: writing, designing, and the various subjects I create sites around. It's the perfect field for me.

    As for owning my own business - what's not to like? I'm a very independent person so I like not having to do things someone else's way. I love my little office, and I love having my own schedule.
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    I am interested in Marketing, mainly online, to help other people out. With the economy being what it is, everyone could use some extra cash now and then. If I can help someone from losing their home, or car, or something like that, my job is done. If I happen to pick up a few dollars along the way, even better.
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    I am interested in online marketing, because it gave me the option to not work for someone! I spent my final year of university dreading the thought of working for someone! So I just told myself, that won't be happening!
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    I like marketing because what I do involves computers and the internet, statistics, and psychology. What could be more fun?

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