The Value of Old PLR Titles.

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Is it just me, or are TOO many people missing out on the value of 'old' PLR titles?

I've come accross so many that were written before even I was born that have some fantastic value in them that are more than relevant to todays marketing. The psychology of selling and marketing never 'really' changes, just as human nature doesn't.

The way we act may change, but our core values remain stable. Honesty, Trust, loyalty etc.

So why do so many 'internet marketers' in particular 'slate' these publications that are now doing the rounds again as if they were worthless?

Personally, the more I find and read, the more fulfilled I feel.

Anyone else find this?

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    You have a point there...
    But I think "old" PLR articles have totally lost their "percieved value" to people.

    If you just changed the title and cover they might actually sell quite well these days, as long as they provide good, still functionable principles.
    • Profile picture of the author Kenneth Maddux
      I think it is true that all things come back around, so with a fresh look and updated research you possibly have some great reading.
  • Profile picture of the author ezimedia

    Where do you find these plr title before you where born...


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