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Hi guys, need you to review my newest creation.

This is a membership website that offers training to making money in Birthday Party business.

I'm a birthday party entertainer for over 8-10 years so I guess I'm pretty qualified to write on this topic. The target market could cover anyone who is interested in making money over the weekends, since birthday parties are held mainly in the weekends. The market to me is big because all work-at-home moms will benefit from this work.

In my membership site, I have 4 videos and 4 audios covering different topics as a starter. The graphics are ready. The salesletter will be ready by next week. Once the salesletter is ready, it's going to be launched.

What I hope to get is:
1) Your honest review of the initial membership page
2) Your testimonial, if you really like it
3) Your recommendations to make it better

If you are a WAHM, that's even better as that should be my one of my primary target.

This is a big project for me and I don't really want to go wrong on this so an honest review will be great.

Do visit the website:

Do PM me if you are interested, and I'll give you the member's access to the website.
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    Can anyone help?
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    Hi Joseph,

    I'll check out your site (I have young kids ) and give a review and testimonial .

    Would you do the same for my site ?
    It's also based on membership sites.

    Thanks, Rick Falls
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      Hi Joseph,

      Some of my inputs:
      1. You will need social proof (testimonials)

      2. Make your sub-heading more prominent (increase the font size of the red wordings)

      3. I am thinking your main headline can be more powerful (possibly you can engage a pro copy writer if this business matters alot. =) A budget of 400 to 800 dollars may suffice.)

      4. For this statement above your first headline "Want a simple way to make extra cash in your spare time?" Personally I feel it is targeted at anyone (the general public) and this means marketing at no one. If you are looking at people who want to be in this business, I am sure the phrasing can be better.

      Hope these are helpful. Good luck! =)

      My 2 cents,

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    Hello. I want to be successful internet marketer. I have the zeal and passion to achieve this aim. But what restricting me to do this is money. As heading of my post says you would know that am from India. If you compare price of dollar with India Rupee its somewhere around $1=Rs. 66 which is increasing day by day. My budget would be $100/month which is equal to Rs. 6600. This is maximum I can spend. I dont have high paying job and also I have to pay rent, bills, etc. I need to pay for domain, hosting, bing ads, fb ads, landing page and so on. I know there are free methods too but as you say free methods take time to show result.

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    Have a very special client. I like to call him the Sheikh. He does not mind. In return, he says that I am a Petrol Writer. This client is generous when it comes to pricing and payments. I have never been greedy. Just like Tom Cruise used to say in the Oblivion: We are an effective team! This gentleman is born and raised in Kuwait. He earned his degree in some prestigious London business school. Yet, when it comes to the business culture, he obviously follows the region of his origin. We do not discuss the price. We do not negotiate. Never. He orders the work. I deliver. Then, he asks how much needs to be paid. I get my money. That is it. Smooth and simple. For what is worth, so far, we have worked only on relatively small projects. Until recently. This was a client only to wish for. Guess, it is not only in my nature, but I was not quite satisfied. I wished we could do some more work. And, you know what happens when you wish for something. It happens to you, but not exactly the way you wanted to get it. So, one fine day, the Sheikh approached me with an unusual proposal. Like I passed all the test, and the time has come for the real thing. What he had on his mind was a book about his personal and professional journey, somewhere around 200 to 300 pages. A brand new website. We are talking about a few dozen pages at least. Then, there was a package of 30 blogs, give it or take. He also needed some scripts for promotion videos, but he was not quite sure how many of them.

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    I read recently that as of late August, Google has removed the 3 adsense units per page limit and replaced it with a policy that has no specific limit but which requires that the amount of ads not exceed the amount of content. Is anyone familiar with this and can anyone suggest how best to implement this.