Feeds, do we need em?

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I am installing a new wordpress template that has a built in feed button prominently displayed in the top. Probably going to get rid of it and put my opt-in there BUT that got me thinking...

Is having a easily accessible feed on your site a good thing? As far as I can see all it does is make it easy for someone to not have to come to your site. Maybe I'm missing something though...what do you guys think?
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    Really hope I'm not breaking any rules by bumping this but I would really like some input on this one...
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      Feeds are good. A lot of people choose to subscribe to feeds so they can easily scan a whole bunch of blogs and see what catches their eye, this attracts readers to visit your blog more often. My suggestion to you is to keep the feed button and put your subscription box on the side or in a prominent place.

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