Images wont show on my html page

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My pages show up perfectly when i preview them through cofeecup as C:\DocumentsandSettings\Owner\LocalSettings\Temp\v sd_tmpdir\Auctions.html,but i cant find this file by browsing in my computer, so i save it in the folder with my pictures and what not as a regular html page, but the pictures wont show up when i do this. (Keep in mind that this is all on my pc, not online)

I want to be able to upload everything to my ftp but i cant if i cant even get them to work on my computer.
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    Do you have spaces in the file name for your images? Use dashes my-picture.jpg
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    The problem is that you have them linked as c:\something\something\picture.jpg

    If you home page (let's say index.html) is in that folder, just link to picture.jpg vs including the path. It will all work for ya then.
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    For the most simple arrangement put your image and your html page in the same folder. That's on your desktop, or in docs, but also works on a server if they are both in public_html. (that's a folder on the server, standard arrangement. A character or 2 might be different depending on the control panel etc.)

    If they are in the same folder, you can use a simple link to connect the 2. EG: <img src="rss.gif" width="16" height="16" alt="rss" border="0" align="left" /> Adapt that to your image name and size. I usually have a folder 'images.' And if the image is in that then the link would be "images/rss.gif" to get to the same image. The html file and the images folder are in the same '' folder for that to work.

    And that should do it.

    It's always interesting. Not too many things I enjoy more than learning. Have fun.

    best wishes, lloyd
    ....( )/ ( )...
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