What Are The Biggest Markets Online ?

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In your opinion , what are the biggest markets online ? expect weight loss and internet marketing ?

And i mean markets with huge search volumes and an opportunity to sell products over and over again, markets like internet marketing and relationships ... , because for example in the acne or hemorrhoids niche it's very hard to sell to your list an acne product and send an email a few weeks later and tell them about an other product ...

Thanks .
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    Insurance is massive, gambling is also huge, debt and leading, anything to do with cars..

    Think about what's popular offline and you'll soon find out what's popular online too.. hundreds of markets could be listed here.
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    Forex, weight loss, dating, yeast infection/cleansing, pregnancy, etc..
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    Home based business. Forex, Day Trading, Pets, Dating...
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    Biz Opps
    Wieght Loss
    Pet Training
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    IMO the biggest market is Advertising - Just look at the TOP 100 websites on the web and look at how they monetize their sites - almost none of them sell something ie a product or service to a specific market - INSTEAD their "product/service" is traffic and views and they sell this in terms of advertising space...
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    Dog training. That's my market and there are a bunch of people in it with lots of search volume.
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    Self-Help is very popular, and can be branched out easily into mindset, relationships, etc... And since it's not absolute black and white, the niche is gray and allows for some wiggle room for health and fitness, making money, success type of offers
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    web hosting
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    Weight Loss, Hosting, Dating, Trading (especially day trading and Forex).
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    In my opinion every market essentially boils down to a sub niche of one of these 3 niches:


    If you sell anything related to any of those three, there's a chance you could find yourself a huge market.
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    Vons or Safeway....
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    I just found the below image on one of Howie Schwartz's websites.

    It would be interesting to know similar 'numbers' from other BIG markets online.
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    So, the health niche really kicks butt...

    the health niche is what you could look forward to... I guess.

    I thought dating was a very big niche but health is the biggest niche. Great!

    This gives me some ideas.
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    Great topic. All really great suggestions. Lots of great ideas.

    There are actually some much smaller niche markets which are showing a lot of movement and they're still wide open. For example, organic and gourmet pet bakeries, pet treats and related is picking up steam. Little mom & pop gourmet pet bakeries are starting to pop up all over.

    Also the outdoor kitchen niche is expected to explode even with the challenging economy.

    Finally, the flat pack housing marketing is expected to explode and Ikea just announced that they were going to offer those types of houses in the US in 2012.

    Yes, those are all much smaller niche markets than health as an example, but the gourmet and organic pet food market allows you to constantly go back to your customers and offer lots of different options. As MostHost pointed out it's best to have a more narrow niche rather than try to bite off a major area all at once.

    Just adding my 2 cents. Hope it helps.
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    you can say PORN is always the best

    but don't aim to that

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