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Hi Warriors,

A friend of mine just lost his job and has lots of debts to pay.Please can anyone suggest the fastest way he can earn at least $5,000 legally every month online asap.I did suggest selling on ebay would be the fastest way to earn fast cash and make that kind of money since there are ready made buyer there but i would really welcome ideas from my belowed warriors.Thankyou.
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    $10 a bag!


    All you have to do is find out what people want or need and supply it.

    I do a lot of forums work, I would love to find forum troll food and would pay for it :p
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    haha, don't mean to be rude, but that is a ridiculous question, everyone seems to think (well people new to IM) that it is a magic bullet solution. It's not! It will take many many months and maybe years to start earning that a month! read around the forum and you will find all the ways to make money with IM that you can imagine.
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    If there was a simple way to make $5000/month fast and easy... everyone would be doing it.
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    One option is the Military, they have pretty decent signing bonuses.
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    If he owns a truck he could go pick up free items on Kijiji and Craigslist and then turn around actually SELL them on Kijiji/Craigslist/eBay

    Prob the fastest way, dunno how time effective it is, but who knows

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    Quickest way to $5,000 a month that I know of.

    Buy things from the flea markets, patio sales, and garage sales, and sell those items on eBay.

    If I know that I'm going to need an extra $1,000 or so for a family trip I want to make in the near future, this is exaclty what I do... Now, it does take me about 2 months or so to make that $1,000, because of other things I have going on. But, I do know that if you made this a full time job, you could make more money doing it.

    Give it a shot, what do you have to lose?
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    LOL...As a lot of warriors here said already, it ain't that easy.

    However, there are exceptional stories that I've heard of recently.

    A fellow warrior just recently posted a new site sold at Flippa for 17k.

    Also, some copywriters I think can make 5k with just a single client who
    wants their copies written though I think both requires some expertise.

    However, with some ingenuity I think a relatively new "desperate" but creative
    person can try making 5k, for example he or she can have a professional site
    made for a few hundreds (or lower) and then try selling them for 5k.

    Or if they have a friend who's a professional copywriter, maybe they can offer
    the service, charge more than 5k and have the friend write the copy for a portion
    of the income.

    It's hard, definitely. It's almost impossible, however, with true creativity and
    resourcefulness miracles could happen.

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    Site flipping may just to do for your friend if he is willing to work. I am sure he should be able to generate that amount in 1 month if he is willing to write as much as 8 articles per day for 30 days.

    Ask your friend to PM if he is a warrior, I will help him out but he must be read to work. I will not charge him for this but will gladly push him off if he is not reply to work.
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    Not to offend the OP, but i don't understand why people enter this forum and think that everyone here can just tell them, "here, if you do this for a few hours a day you'll be a millionaire by the end of the year." Internet Marketing is a learned skill, like anything else. I wouldn't walk into a law firm and say, "excuse me, I have court in a few months for serious charges, who in here can teach me to be a good enough lawyer to be able to represent myself professionally?"

    hahaha. Now there is no law school type gauntlet for aspiring internet marketers, but it does take time, patience and money to learn the ropes. It's not something that you can just waltz into. If your buddy has outstanding debts, IM might not be for him. When I first started, I lost about 2 grand before I made a dollar.
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    This should do it:

    BTW Midas Man ... cool report at the bottom there. Out of the box, old school yet effective ... cool!
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    Thanks alot warriors for all your useful suggestions and ideas.This forum is a family where you can ask for advise/help from family members,thats why i love it.Thanks alot guys, i really appreciate it.
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    Why a month when you can do an hour? Here is a good way for your friend to make that in only sixty minutes! It's as simple as pushing this green button here:

    There, he just made $5,000/hr. Tell him you're welcome.
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    He should create 2 or 3 niche websites from scratch or outsource the job or even buy cheap niche sites, then monetize the website using adsense. He then sends quality traffic to them via article marketing and link building, then after he's got enough traffic and proof of earnings, he could then flip the sites and make over $5000/month. Rinse n Repeat this technique every month and he's got a steady cash flow!
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    I'm sorry man, but I gotta keep it real...

    If he has no IM experience, heck if he has no business experience whatsoever he's NOT going to be making 5000/m on a whim anytime soon. Making that kind of money is no side job. It takes dedication and persistence and it sounds like your friend just wants to hop on the gravy train here thinking that it'll bring him 5k/month.

    Why isn't such a question asked in any other setting?? In any other industry forum?? Guys, internet marketing doesn't work this way. It's a business all the same, like the Mcdonalds down the street or the restaurant down the road. The only difference is the barrier of entry is much lower, but it requires the same perseverance and dedication to make it make it far.

    I'm sure I'll receive some negative feedback for this post but it has to be said. IM is not a magic pill that will make you rich overnight or clear off your debts by next week...

    I don't know what time frame your friend is thinking here but if he puts in 8-10+ hours a day he can be making 5k/m in a few months...possibly. That's assuming he doesn't have a full time job and is willing to live, breathe and eat IM for the next few months, period.

    I would look into ebay selling then, drop shipping or article marketing. Neither of that is easy. I've done some ebay selling in my time and to make 5k PROFIT per month, well you need some good product sourcing for that...

    But really, if I were your friend I'd have a serious plan B.
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    99% of the people on here are trying to figure out the exact same thing.
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    The lottery I'm told is one way.

    Gambling is another.

    Robbing a bank...I don't recommend it, but it's an option.

    You were looking for a "get rich quick scheme" right? Take
    your pick.
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    I got it! I have the solution! I will spill the beans if you give me $5000 a month...
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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~rolls eyes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    off to the next thread!
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    Originally Posted by Zillionairemind View Post

    Hi Warriors,

    A friend of mine just lost his job and has lots of debts to pay.Please can anyone suggest the fastest way he can earn at least $5,000 legally every month online asap.
    Sell 5000 products that cost $1 each
    Sell 500 products that cost $10 each
    Sell 50 products that cost $100 each
    Sell 5 products that cost $1000 each
    Sell 1 product that costs $5000 ... (this last one is my favourite)

    Just do this every month and all your problems will go away ...

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