what is the most versitle script you use..

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For me it has to be possessions defender. With it i can:-

  • Protect my downloads.
  • Create membership sites.
  • Limit giveaways to a set number.
Protect my downloads.

This script is awesome it never gives the url out for the download, requires all new buyers to set up an account. Limits them to a set amount of downloads, logs there ip addresses. Even if they have used up the download allocation and set up another membership. They cannot access the downloads again their ip address gives them away.

The link for each download which can only be accessed from the members download area. The link on my download page is the unique link the script gives me from the admin side which will send them to the login section or to sign up as a new member.

Note with download linits you can in the admin section add additional downloads to induviduals but charge then for it if you want.

Plus much more...

Create membership sites.

I have created many membership sites with this script by re-nameing/editing and adding new pages to the script.

Limit giveaways.

By simply creating an account through the script and increasing the download limits to a set number.

Lets say i am running a free give away to the next 50 people, create the page include the login details username and password and provide the unique url the script gives as a link. Once 50 peole have downloaded it the download will be unavailable to any one else.

So what is the best script you use and why?
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    Last week I would have said wordpress, because it seems that with a little ingenuity there is nothing you can't do with it.

    I just recently finished looking through the 900+ extensions for Joomla that are compatible with the newest version of Joomla and now have to say that I believe Joomla to be the most versatile script that I will be using from now on. I found an automotive site extension that I'm going to use, and with the old version, there's an easy to use membership extension. There are so many different things that you can do with it that it's just unbelievable. Once you get past the learning curve of how it all works together, then it's actually pretty amazing.
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    Nice try bud ........
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    RSS Gadgets (reseller link - originally created by BIG Mike) is a script I use on a lot of my sites to generate affiliate RSS feeds. Pretty versatile in terms of what it does, and probably the most profitable script I have ever used.

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      WordPress is out of this world

      I also am a HUGE fan of Fantasos for product delivery, membership management etc

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