has anyone bought 10000 hits to their website on one of the services out there?

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hi there, i am asking whether anyone has bought traffic to their website in terms of hits to their website throuhg one of the many services out there? In general , are the traffic targeted traffic?
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    Yes, and I have yet to find even one that has brought a even ONE sale as a result of their traffic. Many use bots/fake traffic but even the other 'legit' ones have yet to make a single sale for me.
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    Nope - can't see a reason to waste money on something like that I'll take a hundred targeted, presold visitors to my site versus one hundred thousand purchased hits - what's the point of visitors if they aren't the least bit interested in what I'm selling?
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    Tried them - they suck - don't waste your money.
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    Will such traffic be useful to increase youtube video views or ezine article views?
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    Since I sell sites, that's the last thing I want is fake, bought, untargeted traffic. My sites would be worthless with it. Learn how to get real, targeted traffic instead of taking a short cut that does not work.
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    Yup, that kind of traffic is absolutely worthless.

    I bought when I was a newbie. Your time and efforts would be better spent on learning how to get real targeted traffic to your website.
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    Most of that kind of traffic will be PTC traffic, which is why it
    doesn't work.

    It can work for paricular websites though... Example: If you
    promote another PTC website, you may get a couple of
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    Total waste of time and money
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    Some of them sell you overused list or automated junks. I recommend you keep your money or give it to the needy.
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    I think everyone starting out has at one time purchased traffic in one form or another. Those that are selling like your talking about are generally good if your just trying to get your Alexa rank up, but other than that I don't recommend spending your money on it.
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    I bought some hits on Ebay for youtube video views...worst thing I have ever done. The guy was a complete nut and after he finished left really inappropriate and crass remarks on my video! Won't be doing THAT again obviously!
  • Profile picture of the author Underground SEO
    I also fell for this trap many years ago! Bad mistake as the traffIc is invariably fake.

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