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Just a quick question as I'm getting ready for another membership launch and thought you terrific people would be able to help me get in the right frame of mind to select a price set for monthly membership cost.

First, the membership will be focused on delivering new ebook templates to members that will be exclusive to the members only. Basically, these templates won't be added to say, other packages of templates I release in bulk to the general public.

Every month, members will receive at least 2 new exclusive ebook templates.

The templates for members will come with Master Resale Rights. They will also be accompanied by a matching website design.

In addition, each new member template will have it's own video walkthrough that shows how to make changes in both image editing software such as Photoshop and inside OpenOffice Writer.

The reason why I've added the above additional info is not to try and "pre-sell" the membership slots, but rather to try and help make a more informed opinion about how I should price the membership cost on a monthly basis.

Now for the good stuff, the screen shots of a few of the templates.

These are screen caps of the websites, so the ebook templates will look extremely similar to what is shown:

Example #1
Example #2
Example #3
Example #4
Example #5

Now, after seeing those, what do you believe is an appropriate amount to charge per month?

Also, the way I intend on setting up this particular membership is via email, so every week, new things will be sent to paying members. This may have an impact on pricing points, so it's important to note this before giving me your feedback.

I appreciate all comments and feedback from each of you with my dilemma in this thought process. I just want to be certain that I'm on track with my pricing point for the products offered, and if method of delivery will play a major factor.

Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Tracy!

    Having worked with you already in the past...plenty of times I can vouch for the way you do business...in a great way of course! I would actually be rather interested in your service, and personally in my opinion I would say somewhere between $9.99 to $14.99 a month would be fair and "acceptalbe" for this service.

    I'll be looking forward to it Tracy!

    Best of luck!
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      Hey Mike, nice to see you in the new WF :-D

      I was thinking along that range as well, but it takes so much effort to do some of these designs, I often wonder if I'm not short changing myself.

      So, I thought that maybe I could start off with a discounted price for the first XX sign ups, then bump the cost up for the next XX sign ups, etc. until I reach the maximum sign up quota -- and believe me, I've already set one which is a rather low number to try and keep the value high for paying members.

      That's a great suggestion Mike, and I appreciate the words of praise. So let me return the favor....

      Mike is an outstanding fellow to work with or for. He is gracious and courteous, so anyone that does any jobs for Mike, please do show him the same. If you do, I know he will always keep you in mind for future tasks.

      Any other suggestions Warriors?


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