What's the length limit for tags in youtube ?

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how many tags can I put in tags field in youtube videos? What's the limit? How many characters?

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    I don't go tag crazy so no idea but I've seen videos with over 20 lines of tags.
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      The <media:keywords> element value has a maximum length of 500 bytes, not 120 characters as previously reported. In addition, a keyword may not be longer than 30 bytes. Previously, a single keyword could not be longer than 25 characters. The element definition has also been updated to explain that when the API server calculates the length of a multi-word keyword, it counts spaces as well as quotes, which are inferred to surround any multi-word keyword.
      This is what I found from google, but no idea what this means. 500 bytes?

      How much is 500 bytes in characters/words ?

      Any idea??
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    From what i have seen its limited to 16 tags per video

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