$25 contest - come up with a word press theme/temp

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I am looking for a specific type of WP theme for a new domain. What i want is a News type style, right side Navbar 1-2 cols, and is like 85% in width.

Blue theme and background (good looking blue).

Edited - added --> People must be able to comment on each news item.

And say under 50 bucks!

You can enter as many as you like. I need this theme today so whoever wins will get paid today! That's a promise!

Contest ends this evening about 10 pm EST.

May the best person win ...

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    Have you considered the Revolution wordpress themes? They're not free but great for a news blog. They're about $79.95 each.

    Revolution WordPress Theme
  • Profile picture of the author Dan C. Rinnert
    Have you looked at the Mimbo theme? I've used it before:

    Wordpress Magazine Theme Released | Darren Hoyt Dot Com

    It can be a bit tricky setting up, but here's a list of alternatives:

    Best Free Magazine Style WordPress Themes

    In most cases, you can just specify the colors in the stylesheet to whatever shade of blue you want.
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    What about Justin Tadlocks options theme.
    It's a great magazine style wordpress theme and it comes with three choice of colours, one of which is blue.

    Best of all it's free!

    Or optionaly you could pay a small fee to have the footer links removed.

    Options WordPress theme: Turn your WP site into a powerful CMS

  • Profile picture of the author mmurtha
    Hi Martain,

    Actually yes I have, but it has to high of a price tag for what I want it for.

    Tell me something, can people comment on each news item like they can in a normal blog?

    Thanks btw!

    Clare and dotcro,

    I appreciate your submission, and will take them into consideration.

  • Profile picture of the author mmurtha
    Does anyone else have any suggestions at all?

    Clock is ticking, and this will be over with at 10:00 pm est sharp!

    With or without a template.


  • Profile picture of the author e-mail2u
    Mary i think i can do it, i have some word press themes. But i will need to create the header graphic. If you get no takers just pm me and i will be happy to do it for free.

    I have to go to work now night shift.
  • Profile picture of the author -MrB-
    Structure theme will work for you I think:

    Structure Theme
  • Profile picture of the author mmurtha
    Okay, it's past 10:00 pm,

    First off I want to thanks all of you for participating. I did appreciate it a lot.

    Now the winner is ...


    Hey dotcro,

    If you PM me your paypal addy I'll send your winnings to you right away.

    Thnaks guys ...


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