My WordPress posts and pages disappeared - please help

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Hello everyone,

I just visited one of my blogs, only to discover that all my posts and pages are gone. (I have not touched this blog in a week or so - the blog was fine when I left it last). So with that said, can someone please explain to me what could have possibly happened to my posts and pages? Apparently, I forgot to back up the blog - stupid me.

What is the easiest way to back up a WordPress Blog?

Thank you,
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    Hmm I think wordpress has a back up folder but I am not so experienced here. Like wp-backup it should have your files automatically..I wish I could help more but one thing that helps me in the future is have an on-line back up through like or an upload site and e-mail yourself the address
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    No, WP doesn't have a backup done without your intervention... and it doesn't make coffee for you, Andrew11, either...

    As for the OP. It is not enough info to tell what happened. What do you see? Blank page? Your blog's theme without posts? or what?

    Can you log in to the admin? What is there? Did you check you database with phpMyadmin?

    And next time you should think about backup BEFORE anything happens...
    Backing Up Your Database WordPress Codex

    The files are mainly useless - except your customized theme, if any and the uploads folder. Everything else is easily replaceable. Always back up the database. EVERYTHING, and I literally mean everything: posts, Pages, comments, your settings - are stored in the database!
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    Originally Posted by Gordon Hay View Post

    ...What is the easiest way to back up a WordPress Blog?

    Thank you,
    You can backup your database manually through your host or you can use a plugin. If using a plugin, you could use one like WP-DB-Backup (found here: WordPress › WP-DB-Backup WordPress Plugins) which is free or you can use the most complete solution I have found called BackupBuddy (found here: BackupBuddy luginBuddy | WordPress Plugins)

    BackupBuddy comes from the guys at iThemes and is not free. However, it does backup EVERYTHING and not just the database. With it, you can not only backup your entire WordPress site but you can also use it to move the site from one domain to another.

    A very helpful thing if you are a website flipper who flips WP run sites or someone who builds sites for clients on a test server only later to be moved or for a variety of other reasons.

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