What are the top 5 pdf sharing sites?

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I wanted to know what the top 5 pdf sharing sites are that allow affiliate links without the fear of getting my account banned. I know scribd.com does not like affiliate links and keeps banning accounts from what I hear.

I am looking for 5 to 6 sites that don't have a problem with direct linking to an affiliate page and also linking to my homepage on the footer. So around 4-5 direct links and 2 links to my homepage on a 550-600 word document.

Has anyone have any luck with the below 4 sites and do they allow what I want to do?


People talk a lot about article/video marketing but not that much about pdf marketing. From what I understand links are dofollow and the content that surrounds the anchor text is not indexed. Is that true? Thanks.
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    Hi deanmoney,

    I've been uploading pdf articles at Slideshare for a while and it's seems they're ok with direct links in the content. No restrictions so far. I usually prepare document content and then put my links on last page as Recomended Resources box which includes affiliate links.

    Check out my profile (RozowaPrzyszlosc) at Slideshare for details.

    I've got a couple of articles on marketing there (Internet Business Series - blue covers); the rest of my stuff is polish books.


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    Docstoc is a great one too.
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    I gotta second the DocStoc and the Scribd references.

    These have always done great for me. From the very first time I posted there, I have been very pleased with how quickly my documents get indexed and more importantly ranked.

    Just can't lose with those two.

    -Scott Voss
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    I've gotten good rankings on:

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    Good thread, was just thinking about this same question!
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      myplick is also a really good site!

      all these sites are great to get a lot more traffic. Also for those of you that dont know the links from within your PDF are mostly cilckable so you can generate a lot of potential direct traffic from these pdf sharing sites.
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    I thinks these are the top five document, ppt and pdf sharing sites...
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    Slideshare with get you good results. Docstoc hasn't really produced anything for me.
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    scribd is awesome, and it also lets you download a pdf if you upload one.

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