Hey Guys, Anyone know of a WP plugin that uses the post text to link to other related post

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The plugin would find related internal posts and link to them using the post content(like contextual ads, I don't even know if there is such a plugin because I've search google and the wp plugin section but all I can find is the one that place the related links at the end of the post.
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    Bump, changed title to be more specific
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    Try this plugin - WASABI WP Plugins Wiki / Related Entries. I have not used this but seems like it does what you are talking about.
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    Joining the discussion so I can find out what plugins are available????
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    Go check out zemanta, while you write your post it will suggest interlinks to your other pages. It also suggests outbound links you could add to your post and it also searches for images that relate to your post so you can easily pop them in.

    My staff has been using zemanta for about 4 months now and they love it.
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    I've used this plugin and it works well. You enter words and links. Each time those words appear in any posts, they get linked. You can even use multiple words or multiple links to have them rotate...

    I can't post links... but you can search for "seo roi wordpress plugin"

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