Camtasia... Zoom me baby! Huh? Sure... HOW?

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Man... I can't believe I can't figure this out... so I am forced to
put my lack of knowledge on display for all the Warrior world to see... lol

A while back I got the free download of Camtasia 3... have never used it.

So... after watching all you Camtasia pros with your cool zoom and pan
presentations I decided maybe I should dust off that freebie and putz around
until I can actually produce something worthy of public consumption.

Seems simple enough...

Well... not so much... lol

After messing with the settings and options I can get the capture box to move
to the area of the screen I want to focus on but I can't seem to get the damn
thing to zoom in on that area... bringing it to full screen in the box.

I've looked on the Techsmith site for tutorials but all I can find is info for
Camtasia 5. I've also searched You Tube... I've even googled Camtasia 3

I've found nothing!

"Hook a brotha up!"

Can someone PLEASE point me to a tutorial on how to zoom and pan
in Camtasia 3?

Thanks... you rock! (assuming you know the answer... lol)

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    I'm sorry to dissappoint you but I think there is no zoom feature on camtasia 3.

    I use camtasia 5 and the zooming is integrated and easy to use
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    Did you try the ZOOM & PAN feature?

    You can zoom into any area you want and have it full screen!

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    Sure can - start by placing the play head on the position on the timeline you would like to begin your zoom, then select "Edit - zoom and pan" to define your zoom locations and options.

    Here's a training video from Camtasia -


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