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I've been accused today of being a tad hard on newbie marketer's asking for help with mentoring.

Maybe I was blunt, but I wasn't being malicious in my replies. the thing is unless you're exceptionally talented (or lucky) you have to go through the learning curve with IM the same as the rest of us.

There is no magic wand to get you up and going with an online business, please stop buying into every new bright shiny thing that comes along and focus on just one thing.

There are probably some on this forum who wouldn't agree with me, but this is how I think you could approach your business if you are just starting an online career.

I'm a big believer in the KISS principle (Keep it simple stupid), and I think you need to decide carefully about whether you really want to get into IM(If you're not careful, it can take over your life and ruin your health)
  • Think carefully about what it is you want to actually do (and stick with it). One of the worst things many of us do is jump from project to project without actually finishing anything.
  • Do a business plan (Bev Clements is the one to go to for this)
  • Take a deep breath before you start
Once you've decided on what you want to do or create etc. you need to gather your tools together to work with.

Lets look at building a website for an ebook you want to sell.

First of all you need to source your book, personally (depending on the niche I was going to cater to) I'd see if there were any PLR books I could use and edit.

Don't discount PLR stuff, yeah there is some crap out there, but there is also some really good stuff.

I'd grab a PLR book I could work with and heavily edit and change extensively. if not, trot over to rentacoder if you don't want to write it yourself. You can get a decent 50 page ebook written for about $250. (Make sure you retain the copyright and it isn't plagerised etc).

There are many free tools on the Internet, but personally I would invest in the best.

If you don't know the difference between html and your big right toenail, invest in xsitepro it's a super fabulous website editor and it will help you out with all that pesky stuff like SEO etc (whilst you're learning the ropes). Take a day to learn how to use it. (That's honestly how long it will take you to learn). TIP make sure you go through the tutorial if u do buy it.

XSP was designed for newbies, and it will help you build super professional looking websites.

Invest in decent hosting. (Don't go for free, it looks cheap and nasty), there are some cool hosting packages out there on shared hosting which start out at $5 a month. if you can't afford that, then I suggest you leave IM for now and get a job even if its flipping burgers.

If you're using XSP, there are a heap of templates that come with the software, or you can outsource the job to someone.

Your PLR book may have come with a sales page etc. if it did, make sure you change it extensively to reflect you.

Final thing (cos I'm tired and it's way past my bedtime), get your site up there in cyber space.

it doesn't matter how ugly it is, you can titivate it later. You need to feel the pride and sense of accomplisment you'll get by seeing your very first website online.

lol I nearly forgot, you need to have bought a domain name, don't buy it through your host, (or godaddy for that matter) go to namecheap their site is much easier to traverse and you don't get rugby tackled with an upsell every time you click a link to move to the cart. You can get namecheap coupon codes from here where you can save a dollar or 2.

Ok that's it from me. It would be nice if other warriors could come in with suggestions for our newbie to get traffic to their site and anything else I forgot. (I'm bushed)

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    you have to go through the learning curve with IM the same as the rest of us.
    That just about says it all.
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      Wow! Steven, I think that was the first time I had ever seen you post a one liner...lolJ/K.


      I followed many of the posts you were involved in today and I do understand where you are coming from with your direct replies.

      I also understand that people asking for Help don't respond well to stern/direct replies.

      Many are desperate to succeed and do hope to shorten the learning curve a bit. As a Coach, I have only one rule so that they remain in my course. The rule is they must perform their tasks assigned.

      As long as they do, they can succeed. If they do not, then I drop them like a hot potato and move on to the others doing what needs to be done in order to succeed.

      The way I Coach is one on one with each client.
      This method works well for my members because I hand pick them.

      What you have said about they need to learn what we've learned in order to succeed is partly true although they don't have to make the same mistakes we've made in order to do so.

      Basically this cuts the learning curve by giving them the right path to follow and also by telling them not to step on the red bricks because they explode.

      Just my observation. Not trying to discredit anyone or cause a problem.
      I'm just stating what I have seen and what I know.

      Have a Great Day!
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    Originally Posted by Kim Standerline View Post

    • Think carefully about what it is you want to actually do (and stick with it). One of the worst things many of us do is jump from project to project without actually finishing anything.
    I would recommend spending a lot of time right here on
    this point of Kim's, life is far to short to miss out on putting
    your efforts into the truly meaningful.

    I know, this sounds all philosphical, you get to decide what
    is meaningful- that's my point.

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    IMO, one important aspect not mentioned so far is that before they go through the gyrations and steep learning curve, someone should teach them about target markets... because choosing the wrong one makes them swim upstream toward immediate failure.

    ... how to determine and find a good one...

    ... where they hang out now...

    ... what they buy now...

    ... how much they spend now...

    ... how to determine supply, demand, and saturation...

    ... how to resesarch any niches...

    ... how to survey people in any niche...

    ... the differences between passion and popularity...

    Well -- that's plenty I suppose to get someone started.

    Chip Tarver

    PS - And, if someone would teach them about building the right online relationships, they could shortcut a lot of the painfull blind curves, overspending, time wasting, and info glut so many people suffer though at first, as well...

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