Selling Physical Info Products On eBay?

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Hi Guys,

Now that we cannot sell any digital products on eBay, have any of you started selling Physical Info products? Any success stories?

I was selling digital products before but I totally abandoned ebay after the Digital product ban.

I was just browsing my junk mail (IM mail) to see all the promotions and I see there is a new software coming out which automates the delivery of Physical CD/DVD's on eBay, the software is called Auction acrobat at

I really want to get back on to eBay. Automating physical product delivery looks like an interesting option.

Also, what kind of products are you currently selling? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Your thoughts?


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    Hi James,

    I made the switch straight away and don't really have any problems. It's a bit of a pain mailing out x amount of cd's each day, but hey, it's helping to build my list and my reputation. I must admit, I don't currently use any software to automate the delivery process as I'm a bit of a skin flint and haven't really heard many success stories on this topic. We'll have to wait and see what the feedback is like.
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    Right after the (uggh, dare I say it?) "eBay slap" there were a ton of threads popping up in the old WF about what to do / what can be done /what will work etc.

    That being said, check out he old wf at The Warrior Forum to see what people were saying.

    Shipping physical products has become very easy using and some automation software. To date I don't think any have worked with eBay. I see that the makers of "Auction Acrobat' put out a Kunaki automaton called "Disc Mojo" so it's probably going to be a modified version of that to work with Kunaki

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    Mr Wright

    I know Paul, the creator of Auction Acrobat. I'm expecting it to be a quality application. I haven't reviewed it at this stage.

    However, there is an application already on the market that will automate the process for you. It's at Instant Automated eBook Delivery On Ebay - Ebook Protection Software Automates the whole process of the order, communicating with a fulfillment company (, captures customer info into an autoresponder, optional OTO, etc, etc.

    I don't have a list of features for Paul's product yet, but Digital Dispatch will do the job. I sell a CD product using The problem, I believe, that sellers are having with the move to physical products is:

    1. how to create a CD with their digital products
    2. how to automate the process.

    Either Paul's upcoming product Auction Acrobat or Socrates My Digital Dispatch will take care of #2! Any seller interested in learning how to create their own CD and how to get up and running with Kunaki to fulfill their CDs or DVDs can get a "seller discount" on a set of video tutorials at Physical Products Made Easy | How To Sell Information Products By Mail for just $10. Usually sells for $27 at

    Hope this helps
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      Thanks Dave,

      At $97, that script sounds a little pricey. I think it's because EBay and kunaki automation might have been a very hard thing to do.

      Any idea on how much auction acrobat is going to cost?

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    I haven't sold info products on ebay yet, though it is on my list.

    The best way to automate sending info products via eBay is Kunaki -- CD/DVD manufacturing and publishing service. $1.75 per disc, including all fees. Great way to go.
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      Glad I read this post as I recently purchased a product that deals with selling on ebay. I'll be looking at Kunaki to handle the shipping for me. thanks for the info as I was able to gather some valuable information on what not to do as well...

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    Great Post. Just the information I was looking for. Thanks
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    Hi James

    I have clients using Ebay for Self Fulfilled Lead Generation selling Hard Copy Products. I think it is actually much better for the systems than Digital. Baically we sell a product at a very low price, plus postage at cost then add in our other stuff into the package.

    I automate with Infusionsoft and Automated APIs into Postage Systems and Kunaki. Not cheap but for the volumes the cost is really nothing. In fact that is exactly the maths, nothing on the cost of lead.

    I think Ebay had little choice but to go non digital. Basically they are still a online Garage sale, that is still the majority of their business. And they will protect this very stongly. Just the way it is.

    Hope this helps
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    Digital goods can be sold on eby as long as you follow their strict guidelines which mean listing it in the classifieds section. I still sell informational products through ebay but I sell them as a physical product which is not against their policy (not yet anyways). I list them and burn them on CD/DVD and ship them out. I make sure I follow their guidelines.

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