Saying g'day to the forum on video - introduce yourself too!

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Now Introduce Yourself!

Just upload a video to YouTube of yourself answering these 3 questions:

1. Who Are You?

2. What Do You Do?

3. Why Are Your Here?

Try to keep it short (around 2 minutes in length)

When uploading your video on YouTube, use the title: Member Intro: {keyphrase}

For example, I used:

" Member Intro: Internet Marketing Consultant"

Your keyprase can be anything related to 'Internet Marketing'.

Also use your keyphrase in your description and tag fields...


When people are surfing YouTube, our videos will come up for all different searches related to Internet Marketing. People will watch the videos and visit the forum out of curiosity (the URL is in the title). 'Social proof' will start to take effect and we'll have some more great people join the community. It will be a fun way to promote the forum while also getting to know each other a little bit more...

Once your video is uploaded to YouTube, just go to the public video page and copy the URL that you see in your browser address bar. Simply PASTE this URL into your post as-is, and your video will come up when you submit your reply to this thread.

Of course you can leave a normal text reply without posting a video, but if you have access to a webcam - INTRODUCE YOURSELF WITH VIDEO!

PS: Sorry about the lighting in my vid - I look like a sunken eyed zombie
PPS: It's my favourite shirt, alright?
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