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Hey i actually have two questions does anyone know how to tell what the average adsense ad click pays per niche.

Also does anyone know of any good golf PLR alot of them are very expensive and if any warriors have written any i rather buy from them.

- Eric
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    I think if you do a keyword search (Google AdWords is a good place to start) you'll find the most popular and the most expensive/inexpensive ones. If you have any idea of using this advertising technique, you need to know how to research keywords anyway.

    Don't know about golf PLRs.


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      Hi Eric,

      The payout from Adsense is somewhat random. You can look at the Google Adwords tool and see what it costs for a top position for that keyword. You can then look at earning about 30 - 40% of the value of that click. Sometimes less. Once upon a time you could use that as an asbolute rule - not so anymore.

      Basically any of the financial services, mortgage, credit card and money related niches still pay out quite well in terms of maybe getting $1 - $5 per click. Some people still report up to $10 a click in those type of niches but they're very competitive.

      Computer related and technology niches are next down the ladder with 50c - $1.50 per click in some categories.

      Next down from there would be evergreen niches like household decoration, plants, golf, sports, cosmetics etc. These are the 25c - 50c per click niches.

      After that it's the random stuff that people expect to make money from that pay out 5c - 10c per click.

      These are just my own opinions and are based on 3 years of adsense publishing in a broad spectrum of niches. I'm try to move away from Adsense into infoproducts, clickbank and pure affiliate marketing. The margins are WAY higher for the same level of traffic. Best to never have all the eggs in one basket :-)

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    It can be as little as a few cents to as much as several dollars per click. Things like attorney related niches pay very high, and games related pay very low.
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    The rule of thumb is 50% of the ad click goes to Google, 50% to you. It does depend on the industry dramatically and the competitiveness of the terms your page is optimized for. For some of my monititzed sites that run adsense I have seen $2-3 clicks which I assume were $4-6 bids by the advertiser.

    Research the niche you are in, find the most expensive terms, optimize your page around those terms and promote that page directly.
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    Making money with adsense is very difficult if you ask me.
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    I am looking for ad swaps pm me if you are too!

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    the prices varies per niche so there is no average. i have a blog that has a bigger swing than the dow. i've had everything from $.03 to over $30 per click

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      There is no average. And even topics recommended as "high paying" may not pay highly on your own site.

      That's because adsense pays based on niche, competition - AND on the quality of your site. What is often ignored by those starting with Adsense is that it pays nothing unless you have visitors to your site. Focus on niche and keyword research and site promotion.

      Adsense can be a good passive income source for well placed sites but is not the easy answer to earning that it was several years ago and takes time to build.


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    They will pay you about half as much as the advertiser is spending on the click
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    If you look at the "smartpricing" model the content network which would be you is paying pennies, unless you are converting clicks into sales

    so all in all pennies where it use to be dollars

    you have to have lots of pages up to make any real money anymore, there is other places you can get paid dollars with easier terms

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    On average 50%!

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