Recommend A Good Webcam Please...

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Hi all,

I'm looking to purchase a new webcam as I want to make some videos to post online. I already have Camtasia.

So...I went over to Best Buy and there's so many choices. I talked to some kid working there but he didn't win me over on his knowledge. I'd love to shoot video quality like Frank Kern but I doubt he bought his cam at Best Buy. LOL

I have a standard tower PC with a 17" LCD monitor. Do these cams clip on top? How do you mount them?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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    Hi mate,

    Search for 'Logitec Quickcam Sphere AF' - eBay or Amazon

    Great webcam for everything you need and has some great features... take a look at JMo's blog he has a post (3rd down now I think) and it is the previous model (1.3MP) (Sphere is 2.0MP). Take a look at the video

    You may think 2.0MP? Aren't they bigger than that now? They are but logitec is an industry leader and its enhanced video is better than any other, tenfold.


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