Is my domain worth selling?

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Hi guys

Been a while since I've been here and before anything else, I just want to quickly mention that the new forum looks great!

Now on to this message... I'm thinking of selling some domain names, I bought them a little while ago with the intention of creating a product line, but never got round to it (and realised I'm probably not going to.). I figure they may be of use to someone, but the evaluations I'm getting range from $900-14000 for one and from 160-12000 for the other.

Do any of you use a worthwhile valuation site, or does anyone want to make an offer (hehe)


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    Evaluations like that are based on some silly details like back links and PR. You have to consider what 'value' means. As my dad always says "The value of anything is the amount someone is willing to pay for it." Honestly, (brutally) I don't think you'll find someone that will pay that much.

    Armed with that knowledge - if you'd like to attempt to sell it you have nothing to lose - just don't be shocked when you don't get offers that high.

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      You might be able to get something for domain #1 but probably not much. It depends on the demand for that particular name and if someone has a use for it.

      If you build them up and do a site flip, you have a better chance of making a nice profit from them. Who knows, you might even want to keep them after you start making money.
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    Number #1 is a good one if you are into MLM. If not I say sell it and use the cash for your business.
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      Here are the deciding factors when selling (there are more this is just a brief list)

      Premium -

      amount of characters if less than 7
      dictionary name
      pronounceable word

      Average -


      other minor considerations

      Google Results
      Dmoz Listing

      If you don't have any Revenue from the domains or traffic, then it's going to be hard to sell them for a premium. The names just aren't premium domains.

      If the right person came along looking for those exact domains, that would be perfect but as for trying to move them right away, they would probably sell for $35-150 (I'm basing that on selling them in domain forums and previous sales)


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