How to put pictures in ebay listing?

Profile picture of the author Elevoution by Elevoution Posted: 08/12/2008
I know this is pretty basic, but I am lazy with my HTML and uuse Frontpage, but I am trying to explain to a business owner friend how to put pictures in the ebay ad (who doesn't have Frontpage).

Could someone just run through it?


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  • Profile picture of the author GarrieWilson
    Use the ebay image service. 1st one is free.

    Or look at the eBay tutorials.
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    To put them in the body, you just open the HTML tag in the ebay editor and put your 'hosted' picture tag in where you want it.

    The picture WILL have to be hosted somewhere on the internet though.
    Flickr, a blog, your own webpage etc.

    You right click the image you want to list.
    Click 'properties' in the menu, where you'll see the URL

    Just copy that into this tag and insert.

    <img src=http://your picture url here >

    Click the normal display tag and you'll see it there.

    You can position it by using the cursor to centre, left or right justify.

    Hope this helps.


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