New online mens lifestyle magazine - I need some marketing advice....

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Hey guys - I have been using this forum for a while now and I absolutely love it so whenever I have a new project I always come for advice from you guys...

I have started a new online mens lifestyle magazine called DAPPER mag -

It is a completely free magazine and it will be that way forever. This is not your usual trashy lads magazine - this is really classy and it is all about the finest things in life.

This magazine has taken off big time already and we have several shoots lined up we have sections on mens health, partying, music, cars, property, lifestyle and so much more.

I want it to be HUGE - But I am used to marketing business opportunities so I was hoping that some of you bright sparks out there will be able to help me out and give me some great marketing ideas.....

Thanks a lot I really look forward to hearing from you.

Ben Hulme
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    Sound like a good mag.

    Maybe, if you have your own ebook you should talk about the magazine in that ebook.

    I hope it help.


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    Thanks Hugo - I do have several eBooks - but they are on internet money making - so they are not really the same niche.

    I am looking into viral video - heavily as I know the power of it putting videos on youtube etc... but its all about getting that idea!!

    Thanks for your advice hugo - I will give it some thought - if anyone else has anything to offer that would be great.

    Ben Hulme

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