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First of all, I know this might get some publicity, even if it's only a few clicks or views.

Please understand.
* This is not my sole purpose. (a new business is not formed on forum posts alone)
* I'm not averse to getting publicity through the Forum as long as there is some benefit to people who read the thread which I intend to provide to the best of my ability.
* I can't guarantee that this thread will help or inspire people in their online ventures, but try I will.

I will
* Share with you what I am doing in every detail possible.
* Be open to any feedback.
* Aim to go about this thread in the spirit of the Warrior Forum.

Here Goes.

I'll try to be clear and concise without skimming over major points.

This is not something new or revolutionary.

I've teamed up with a very capable web designer to produce a package aimed at giving small business owners a web presence.

I feel that the competitive advantage I have here is

* Quality of design coupled with effective marketing.
* Price.

The package will include everything a small business needs to successfully launch their business on the web. As has been discussed before, you cannot just have a site, even if it is the prettiest, flashiest site out there. You need traffic. Targeted traffic. Furthermore it has to convert that traffic into paying customers.

What will we be offering?

* A Complete "Package Web Deal" which includes everything you need to get online, get customers and increase your profit.

Originally, I considered targeting Internet Marketers, then both Small Business Owners, and decided upon the "Small Business Owner Market"

BEFORE I GO ON: If you haven't checked out then do. I found this after I started work on this project. From what I can gather, it started from a thread here in WF. They are pretty much doing this kind of thing: bringing IM expertise to small business owners to help them succeed online. I'm planning to join so I can network with some people there and perhaps be outsourced..... anyway...

Pricing has not been fixed yet, however the package would include the following services. (some may be optional, not sure yet)

* Custom Designed Logo.
* Corporate Identity Kit (if they already have a logo we can do up graphics based on this)
* Custom Designed Website (no templates, multiple proofs, personalized service)
* 10 pages of content (more pages if required)
* Free hosting.
* Free domain.
* Free one-on-one consultation.
* Access to Project Manager.
* Ongoing support for things like updates and changes to content.

Marketing Aspects.
* Consultation with marketing consultant.
* Online Marketing plan
* Pay Per Click setup and management. (adwords)
* Autoresponder and opt in forms
* Blog setup
* Ongoing marketing support.

Site will be designed with marketing and SEO in mind. I guess that a lot of designers may not do this, or not do it well.

PRICE: We are looking at around the $700 mark for the whole package. I have reason to believe this is well priced and affordable for what we provide.

The designers are capable with a lot of experience, server is reliable.

OK. This is how I am thinking about Marketing it. I don't have a list. I don't have any JV partners. I don't have any experience with launching something like this. But I'm ready to step up and I'm playing to win.

The Marketing Plan

I know this is going to make a lot of marketers YAWN but I'm hoping it will at least help the super-newbie.

So I have determined

* Target Market.
* USP (unique selling position) or Competitive Advantage.
* Pricing (roughly)

I have Completed:
Registered domain name.
Designed logo.
Pre-launch squeeze page.
Sales Page copy.

Pre-Launch Squeeze Page.
Got a template and took some elements. Had it redesigned. I'm using Icontact for the Opt in forms. (if you don't know about squeeze pages, or opt in forms, you should. They are very important. ask me or look it up!)

- Added Bonuses for early birds on prelaunch squeeze page.
- Autoresponder series being developed..
- Added Video at top of page.

The Marketing Plan. (To Do List.)

Launch Date: November 2008

Joint Ventures
- Find people to JV with. Work out commission to pay.
- JV post at warrior forum.

- Get blog going.
- Daily Updates of blog
- Research into effective blogging, rss, commenting etc.
- Consider outsourcing this as I don't know a lot about it.

Article Marketing
- Write and submit articles to multiple directories.
- Make use of keywords.
- etc

- Research into keywords. Long-tail.
- Prepare initial adwords campaign.

Ezine Marketing Strategy
- Determine budget for ezine marketing.
- Decide on exact ezines to target.
- Prepare for pre-launch ASAP.
- Use DOE (directory of ezines)

Squidoo Lens
- Prepare squidoo lens.

- Try to ensure our site has the best SEO we can manage.

- Decide on twitter approach. ( I already have 750 followers but I don't know how to really use it for marketing yet)

Free-traffic Exchanges
- Traffic swarm.
- Others.
- Perhaps works best with Squeeze pages than long sales pages.

Video Marketing
- Using stompernet bonuses. (pity my package STILL hasn't arrived)
- 10x10x4 video marketing.

- Outsourcing required for the following tasks.

1) Yahoo Answers.
Answering questions in the small business section giving relevant advice with a link to our sales page

2) Business Directories.
Approaching small-businesses directly through small business and local business directories. Requires person to seek out potential clients and send an email offering our services.

Offline Marketing
Using classified ads to blast ads into printed media.

- Research into webrings and how they can improve SEO

Put ads out on craigslist, targeting local communities

Social Network Marketing
- Facebook Page
- Myspace Page

Press Releases
- Make a press release for our product.

I'm sure there are a host of other things that can be done to promote this, but this is what I have come up with so far.

We don't need a lot of sales to pull a profit. 15 - 20 clients a week at first will be all that we can handle, so I don't know how much traffic we will need to attract.

If I haven't gone into enough detail, or if anyone has any more ideas on how to promote this, please let me know.

I look forward to sharing more details with you.

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    I'm still not sure why you felt the need to share this, but I'll ignore that for now.

    You didn't tell us your target market - it's obviously not newbies if you're after $700 on the front end for your product.

    What's your back-end?

    It's been my experience that launching a product without a back-end is like pumping the neighbours cat - it might be fun but it's not really helping things (compared to how much difference having a back-end makes).

    I'm glad to see that your proposition is not to sell another how to make money product though - at least you're different in that way.

    One thought I did have was that you seem to have put a lot of focus on social stuff and links - I'm assuming that your target audience therefore has a business already and this is just to support that, otherwise they're not really buying a business so much as a bunch of IM tactics.

    Good luck with it though.

    • Profile picture of the author Lance K
      Originally Posted by Andyhenry View Post

      is like pumping the neighbours cat - it might be fun
    • Profile picture of the author Phil Jacobson
      Hi Andy,

      It's people like you who make me careful about how I write my posts. (laughing as I write here) and you were the first to reply! How ironic.

      You said "Not sure why I felt the need to share this." With all respect. Cut me some slack here mate!

      I might not be up there with all the benevolent souls of the forum posting gems of wisdom, though I would be inclined to if I had them. I don't think I have posted fluff here either.

      My post was not meant to give people such as yourself any kind of wisdom and as I said, it may only serve to make you yawn. But if you put yourself in the shoes of someone who doesn't know anything about marketing or the complete newbie or someone who is planning something similar, you can't say that my post is completely unhelpful, can you?

      I know the post was long and you may have skimmed through it. But I am certainly not selling a bunch of IM tactics. I am merely going further than just giving a small business owner a site which does nothing. they need marketing right?

      As for back end, good point. I am thinking that PPC management and maintenance fees would be a start. Things like opt-in forms, blogs provided to the client could be monetized too. We are talking about a target market who is too busy to look at a computer screen and maybe doesn't even have a computer. Small business owners are IN their business all day. So , I want to come up with ideas where we can do all those things they need done.

      Andy, I always read your posts and I know you always mean well and speak the truth as you see it. cheers for the post.

  • Profile picture of the author xlfutur1
    Are you marketing a $700 package to business owners directly, or is it a package and system to sell to other marketers that then have a blueprint to go after local businesses as clients? I guess its late, and had a few beers and I'm a little confused.
    • Profile picture of the author Ken Preuss

      First I applaud you sharing your plan - and the fact that you have a plan at all. Most do not.

      There are several things I see missing after reviewing what you wrote.

      1) Your Target Market

      Andy already mentioned this. You need to know exactly who your target customer is. Where do they hang out? What do they want? Most importantly, what are they already BUYING?

      I can't say enough about how important that last one is. Existing customer behaviors are one of the most overlooked factors in what it takes to really succeed. It's vital that your product - as well as the WAY you market and sell it - correlates to the existing behaviors of your target customers.

      2) Specifics on your JV approach

      In my experience I can tell you JV's are KING. Not only is this where your warmest leads will come from, you could actually sell this exclusively through JV's and do incredibly well.

      Therefore I believe you will need to get very clear on who your ideal JV partners are and what your value proposition to them will be.

      3) A sales funnel - in other words how will you turn prospects into purchasers?

      This is crucial. It's one thing to build a great product - it's entirely another to get a prospect to actually pay money for that product. You really need to focus a majority of energy on this since it will ultimately determine your income - far more than the quality of your product.

      Best regards,
  • Profile picture of the author Vince Runza Online
    [Ahem] Getting back on topic: you seem to be way ahead of most folks who want to help offline businesses. You have a plan, a Web designer to help you and specific goal points to hit by a certain date.

    But, hold on! Your focus seems to be on a "one and done" deal, with a bunch of free follow-up services. Consider turning that around -- offer a few freebies up front and get them with recurring payments for services like hosting, updates, SEO/SEM (as an ongoing effort), creating and maintaining backlinks, etc.

    Also, your package appears to be inflexible. Who says they need a logo, corporate identity, blog, autoresponder, etc.? Most local businesses need their PHONE NUMBER prominently placed above the fold on their landing page more than anything else! People who do local search for services and products want to get somebody on the phone to talk about what they want.

    Part of the problem with those who go from IM to local business promotion is that they guess what business owners need. It's much better to get the owner to talk about what's most important to him or her before you start offering solutions. It's deadly to offer up some kind of one-size-fits-all package that could, possibly, cause more aggravation to a business owner than any possible ROI.

    Check out -- a free discussion forum with folks who are actually out there, doing this in their own local markets. You might find that rethinking how you approach this market will save you time, effort and disappointment. The same goes for your possible clients.

    Vince Runza
    P.S. I don't make a dime if you go over to LBB and poke around.
  • Profile picture of the author LADWebDesign
    I think you could charge a much higher price for the services offered. That's a lot of work for $700. I second what Vince said about the recurring income stream for services offered.

    Updates to the website, blog, Twitter and Squidoo are going to eat up a lot of time. The updates are easy to do, but they need to be well written with appropriate keywords for the small business owner's industry. You are going to spend time doing research.

    You could put your plan as stated above (with revisions) on your sales page, and say that in order to hire an SEO expert, a web designer, a hosting company, a graphic artist, and a copywriter - a small business owner would be spending thousands of dollars, and you can do it all for one low price of $xxxx, with a monthly service fee of $xxx.

    Most small business owners need local customers/clients - like doctors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc. You need to show them how you are going to go after the local market.

    You have a great plan. I know of web design firms that just slap up a 10-20 page website for the lowest price, and then move on the next client. I just lost out on a bid to redesign a local contractor's website. I said that I would do much of what you stated in your original post, redesign his site, and help get his site noticed on google (where he is now on page 9 in a very competitive market) and he says "yeah, but XYZ firm is only charging me $xxxx." I said that's a great price, but you're on page 9 of google, and a re-design of your site isn't going to help that. He says "well, the site is new, that's why." Sheesh.

    Convincing small business owners that your plan is valid and gets results is going to be your tough sell.

    I am also over at Good site for what you are considering.


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