*Directory Submitter -- IM Wishlist Dilemma!

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i know that this is an intricate question, but if someone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

I downloaded Directory submitter from Brad Callen -- IM Wishlist!

However, I have 2 questions about the system that Brad doesn't elaborate in in his video tutorial...

1st... for some of the websites that we submit a link to, it states the following about Reciprocal Link URL's == (Here is an example)
*Reciprocal Link URL:

"To validate the reciprocal link please include the
following HTML code in the page at the URL's
specified above, before submiting this form:"

<a href="Blah blah blah'com">just an example!</a>
So, what do we do in this situation? Does that mean that I HAVE to copy
& Paste that code into my website in order to submit, and what link do I
put in the reciprocal link URL field?

Also, can we submit sites to the directories other than our main blog or
website? Like an Ezine Article, or Squidoo Lens... etc?

I appreciate your input,
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    When selecting a directory for submission, take notice of their submission requirements. Usually, a reciprocal link is an option that is offered for a free link submission. However, some directories require a reciprocal link in order for you to submit to them.

    If you choose to give them the link, or it is required, they would like the page url that you have added their link to so that they can verify that it exists.

    If you would like to stay away from this situation you can easily do so as there are thousands of directories available for your submission. Review the filters offered with Directory Submitter and select those directories that best meet your desires.

    As far as the submission of an Ezine Article, or a Squidoo lens I don't think that would work (though I'm not sure as I have never tried either).

    Most directories I am aware of prefer your home/index page to be submitted, although I have seen a couple that allow a deeper page link to be submitted.
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    This directory submitter (submitterelite.com) can doint that.

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