Squidoo Question - MULTIPE or Single?

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I have a lottery niche with 6 products about
each specific game...about pick 3, pick 4, pick 5, pick 6, scratchers

should I make ONE squidoo page about the lottery


should I make 6 squidoo pages for EACH of the lottery games?

I already made multiple but getting no traffic from it...

so im thinking of just getting rid of all and making one squidoo
focused on ONE lottery niche...is that better strategy?

Same for hubpages?

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    I know more about hubpages - hubpages has what is called a capstone program where they pay you for the format of 15x 300word hubs and then 1 hub linking them all together. Im not suggesting you apply for the program but I assume the format is not random so I am currently in the process of copying it for my own promotion
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    Multiple lenses can be good if you have them all linked to each other, then you are increasing your backlinks and also may get more views with your readers following through from one lens to the next. So I would have said more lenses would be better.
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      I am going to follow this thread beecause I want to learn about creating Squidoo lenses. Anybody got some really good reference resources on how to Squidoo? Thanks.

      All the best,

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    My guess is that it depends on the quality of the content in your lenses. Probably 3/4s of the lenses out there look like they're written by an 8th grader and impart little to no useful information. So, putting up multiple lenses just for the sake of them being there isn't necessarily the best idea. I'd vote for multiple lenses if you can make each of them useful. If not, pool all of your info and put it into a single lens.

    Oh, Jack, here's what you want to get you started: www.netcast360.net/squidoo/player.html

    - Russ
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    I'm kinda surprised a lottery lens hasn't been locked since gambling is against tos - I won't tell

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